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Why You Be Hatin’?

Wow. My blog posting yesterday seemed to have sparked a lot of controversy. I mentioned that I planned on staying with Matt for a week before my apartment was ready. I didn’t go into much detail, but so many people asked why I’m doing that so I figured I owed an explanation today: Matt is moving […]


What a great bunch of friends I have! I’ve been single less than a month and two of my friends are already trying to hook me up with people! I say “hook up” because these meetings may or may not result in actual dates. In fact, I’m completely open to making new friends if that’s […]

Public Nudity and Family Time

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody! I’m on Cape Cod blogging from my parents computer. We had a good time playing rummy…and I won both times! WOO HOO! This morning we watched the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Did anybody else find it kind of funny when they were breaking for a commercial and said: “Say tuned for more […]

It’s All in the Advertising

Do you recall a few years ago when there was a television commercial (I believe for automobile tires) that used adorable little babies to sell the product. In fact, in the actual commercial, the voice-over even pointed out that statistics showed that using adorable distractions can help sell a product. This morning I was walking through […]

OOOPS – I forgot

I normally post to my blog first thing in the morning. But today, I got distracted and forgot. Forgetfullness reminds me of one of the lamest sitcom moments in television history. I may not have all of the facts straight, but it goes something like this: Mrs. Brady gives Cindy Brady her bagged lunch for […]

This Charming Man

I did it. Even before reading the advice from my readers, I’ve chosen the “charming” North End apartment. I made this decision last night after creating a pros and cons list for both apartments. The pro list for the North End apartment was the longest…and the con list for the hi-rise apartment was the longest. […]

That’s Not How It Was Supposed To Be!

Yawn. Even after a full night’s sleep, I’m still tired. Matt and I spent the entire day yesterday apartment hunting. We started off with my search in the North End, then went to his search in the Back Bay, then back to some common ground at Charles River Park. In a twisted example of irony, […]

Mad Karl Disease

I had a friend in kindergarten who, because of a speech impediment, was unable to say my name. It always came out  as “cow”. The recent talk of mad cow disease resurfacing in the United States reminded me of him. Last I heard, this childhood friend still lived in Osterville (my father ran into him […]

Proud to be at Harvard?

I was walking through Harvard Yard and saw the following t-shirt: Q: What do Yale and poop have in common? A: They’re Both #2 Apparently, these are the t-shirts being sold this year in advance of the big Harvard/Yale football game. But, come on, poop? Wouldn’t the word, shit, have been more effective? Poop makes […]

Home, Sweet Home (tonight, tonight I’m on my way…)

Ah, classic 80’s Motley Crue. I was never a big fan of theirs…but that’s one fine hair-band ballad. Plus, their book was a rather interesting (debauched) read, too. But that title is more about Matt and me finding new homes. The phone search began yesterday (setting up apointments) and the physical searching could begin as early […]