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OOOPS – I forgot

I normally post to my blog first thing in the morning. But today, I got distracted and forgot. Forgetfullness reminds me of one of the lamest sitcom moments in television history. I may not have all of the facts straight, but it goes something like this:

Mrs. Brady gives Cindy Brady her bagged lunch for the day (why the hell that family couldn’t afford to let their kids buy their lunches in the cafeteria is beyond me..they could afford to go to Hawaii and the Grand Canyon…and even to become legal guardians of cousin Oliver). Anyway, Cindy peaks into the bag and dissapointedly askes why she was given a peanut butter and jelly sandwich yet again. Mrs. Brady responds “Well Cindy, that’s because peanut butter and jelly is your favorite.” Cindy giggles in her cutish way and says “Oh yeah, I forgot.”

How the hell do you forget what your favorite sandwich is? Who wrote this stuff? Sherwood Shwartz should have been fired.

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  1. Comment by Chad on November 23, 2004 5:34 pm

    Maybe she forgot because the fumes from all that artificial turf in her backyard warped her brain….

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