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Pills n’ Thrills n’ Bellyaches

Not only is that the title of the brilliant early 90’s album by the Happy Mondays, but it’s also the story of my week. Well, minus the thrills, I suppose. My little sore throat and cold are getting better (I’m no longer saying “cold/sore throat” after Veselka Slut’s cruel comment yesterday). I’ve been taking Mucinex at […]

Can’t Get Blood From a Stone

Ow. So I went to the doctor yesterday to get my cold/sore throat checked out. I never go to the doctor for colds or sore throats, but since I managed to catch strep (for the first time since I was a kid) only a month or so ago I figured I should play it safe. So, […]

A Friendly Reminder of the Real Me

Four days later and I’m still sick. Cough, cough. Isn’t it funny how the minor ailments are the ones we piss and moan about the most? I mean, I had some fairly complicated and scary surgeries between the ages of 18 and 20, and I had all of my wisdom teeth pulled out in my […]

Call Me the Toxic Avenger

I’m sick. Sometime between Friday afternoon and Saturday afternoon the symptoms just kicked in full force. It’s just a cold/sore throat…but it was enough to derail a weekend that got off to a good start. On Saturday I got together with my friend, Tony, for my photo session. I’ll say it now – and don’t you […]

Brown Sugar

MMMMMM – I do loves me some brown sugar. Although, I suspect Mick Jagger was singing about a different type of brown sugar…but I love it all the same. This morning I got my oatmeal from the cafeteria…and I unlike the plain oatmeal I’ll typically would prepare at home (occasionally with maple syrup added, but normally plain), […]

It’s A Good Thing It’s Spring Break

I’m at it again – over extending myself socially. It seems I won’t be having a single evening to myself until the middle of next week. But, to be honset, I don’t think I mind. I’m getting together with Mike tonight to talk about upcoming travel plans (Paris, Oxford/London, Montreal)…and to watch My Name is […]

Reasons to be Cheerful, Part III

Does anybody remember that song? Anyway, it’s all of the little things that make my humble life of mediocrity so liveable. So, here’s a list of little things that have gone my way the past few days: I got an A on my first paper in my Managaging Organizational Change class. The Harvard techie group has informed […]

All That Worry…for Nothing!

“Extremely well done. Well-grounded in both the theoretical approaches and case facts. Well organized and written. Fine Work!  A” Those were the comments my professor wrote on top of my first written paper for the Managing Organizational Change class I’m taking. You may recall three weeks ago that I submitted my first paper for this […]

Try Not To Crash

It was a big movie weekend for me. Well, not necessarily a movie weekend so much as a DVD weekend. It started off on Friday night when my friend, Kevin, came over. He brought along with him some DVD’s he rented, along with a stack of his own. We decided upon starting the evening with recent Best Film […]

My New Crush

OK – so I totally have a crush on this guy: Don’t make fun of me.