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Dream A Little Dream of Me

Before I explain last night’s dream, I should preface this blog posting by indicating that I am not a drug user. I’ve never done drugs…ever…not even pot. I’m a clean teen. But based on this dream, I suspect that somebody spiked my broccoli with some sort of hallucinogenic. Here goes (and don’t judge me): I […]

The Line for Autographs Forms to Your Left

My old buddy, Ed (who I worked with back in thie mid/late 90’s…eek), informed me yesterday that my blog was listed in Sunday’s Boston Globe! This is the second time…that I’m aware of, at least (they never notify me). Apparently, somebody thought my posting about bubble gum and patchouli was worth publishing (all the news […]

My Interior Arbor Day

I think it was a success. I had a few people over Saturday night to help decorate my Christmas tree. I spent a small chunk of Friday baking cookies and brownies, and spent a bit of time today cleaning and making ginger bread. Around 7PM, as the guests arrived, the gingerbread came out of the […]

I Could Get Used To This

I proclaim that 4 day weekends such as this should be a regular thing. Perhaps not weekly, but maybe once per month. Anyway, just a suggestion. Turkey day was really nice – despite all of the losses and change this past year. I had invited my friend, Rich, to join my family since he wasn’t able […]

Feeling Fishy

I’m not sure what got into me yesterday, but I suspect it was bad fish. On Monday, I ate the fish at the Hark (the law school cafeteria) and then had fish again that evening at Legal Seafood’s. By Monday night my poor belly was gurgling unpleasantly and yesterday it simply progressed. This wasn’t the […]

Welcome Back to 1986

I walked back in time 19 years last night. There are a few high school friends that I’ve stayed in touch with over the years. I see some more frequently than offers – depending on what’s going on in our lives at the time. Last night, after having not seen each other in nearly a […]

I’m a Ramblin’ Man

It’s Monday and I have lots of little nothings to talk about…a perfect time for the use of bullets!** *Receiving spam is bad enough, but now my blog comments section is getting spam from non-English speakers. How else can you explain this winner: “And how many there is a print on the photoprinter? Who knows?” […]

Patchouli and Bubble Yum

MMMMMMMM! What a pleasant surprise last night. After therapy, I hopped on the subway at Central Square and a rather zaftig young woman sat to my right smelling of patchouli. At the next stop, an older (late 50’s) woman sat down chewing what smelled like Bubble Yum bubble gum (it was a shocking scent to […]

Screw You, Beck! – I’m a WINNER, Baby.

Not that I would ever gloat or anything, but I am proud to say that I kicked Jason’s ass at Rummy last night. You may recall that Jason and I get together every week or two for some fierce Rummy playing (while watching 80’s music videos). Last night, while enjoying some chestnuts such as “Hippie […]


So, being a public school principal, Mike (the person I’ve gone on dates* with lately) does this word-of-the-day thing for his students. Today’s word was going to be focus. But while he was fiddling away on his laptop, this other pseudo-word came up: adorkable** Apparently, and rather obviously, this means that a person has the […]