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Why, Isn’t That Just Precious!?

I had a pretty good holiday last week. I dropped Randy off at the airport on Wednesday morning so he could visit his family in Virginia. Then I went work. When I got home, I pulled out all of the Christmas decorations to get them ready for their installation when I got back from my […]

Avoiding Another Lecture

I got spoken to last night because Randy thinks I don’t update my blog enough. He’s right. I attempted to defend myself by saying that nothing exciting has been happening so I was having trouble coming up with topics to write about. He pretty much said that it didn’t stop me mebore so shut the […]

11 hours, 35 minutes, 30 seconds

But I’m not counting. That is technically the time remaining on Randy’s excessively long business trip.  A trip that found him in clouds and rain every single day, and one that found me dialing 9-1-1 in the middle of the night because the damn fire alarms wouldn’t stop going off. It’s been a trip of […]

One of Those Nights

OK, so Randy is up to his 8th night away from home. So far, it’s been a rather uneventful week or so. I’ve done some cleaning, I’ve done some shopping, I’ve had friends over for dinner and games. All in all, it’s been a rather low key spell of alone time. Until last night. Sometime […]


My weekend started out predictable enough. Friends came over Friday night for dinner and games. On Saturday I was supposed to get together with different friends but they bailed on me at the last minute since one wasn’t feeling well. Instead, I had a nice lazy Saturday, which was fine by me considering the torrential […]

Ah, Divine Wine!

Does it ever end? Seriously, it seems that every weekend we do a bunch of work and think the place is done. Then we decide to try “one more thing” and that takes up an entire other weekend. The “one more thing” last weekend was painting the top floor of our townhouse. After we moved […]

A First For Everything

My parents came up to see our new pad this weekend (and loved it). They arrived on Saturday and left on Sunday. In between we shopped, ate, and played games. All in all a good time. But Sunday evening Randy began to notice that he wasn’t feeling well. I’d noticed a few sneezed and sniffles […]