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Northern Exposure, Eh?

Twenty-four hours from now Randy and I should (hopefully) already be in New Hampshire en route to Montreal. For the first time in years I’m going to be on his continent for Memorial Day weekend (although, technically I’ll still be in another country). After going to Tokyo with Randy on one of his business trips back […]

They Make Special Suits For Days Like This

One year ago today Randy and I had a lovely birthday meal in the Trastavere area of Rome. The weather that night was perfect (after a scorchingly hot day) and we strolled around the neighborhood before and after our meal. The year before that we were in Paris – I had arrived the day before […]

Ten Down, One To Go

Randy’s whirlwind trip of Seoul/Tokyo is coming to an end in a few hours. For him it’s nearly Friday morning already and when he wakes up, he’ll have a few hours to explore Tokyo a bit before heading to the airport. I have missed him – no doubt about that. But it actually wasn’t as bad as […]

Back to Normal

My life is back (almost). I have to say, Dusty was much more well-behaved than I expected. She didn’t bark too much. She didn’t make a mess on the floor in the house the entire time she was with me. She slept through the night without hogging the bed (aside from the night Randy was […]

Devil Dog: Hound from Hell

She’s Baaaaaaaaack! My parents left for vacation yesterday, which means that I’m got babysitting duty for Dusty. Now, I should call it dogsitting, but this little beast has been so spoiled with 24/7 attention that she acts more like a baby. I must admit, the way I treat her doesn’t help. I don’t necessarily think I […]

The Jury’s Out

So, I had jury duty yesterday. That would be my sixth time in 20 years (which means I’ve had it like clockwork just about every three years). Now, that doesn’t include the TWO other times they selected me for jury duty when I didn’t qualify because I’d already done it within the previous three years. […]

Too Much, Too Fast, Too Soon

This weekend felt so busy, even though much of my time was spent not doing much. On Friday night we got together with Randy’s fellow Harvard post-doc from a decade ago and hung out at Grendel’s Den, in Harvard Square. On Saturday, Randy went to some seminars associated with the post-doc reunion and I worked […]