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You’ve Got to Climb Mount Everest to Reach the Valley of the Dolls

…or you just need five gay men, left-over party snacks and generous amounts of wine and mixed drinks. Last night, Fred had some friends over to watch Valley of the Dolls. Two others were supposed to come (Mike and Roger both bailed for work reasons), so it ended up being Fred, Randy, Marin, Greg (Fred’s […]

All the More Reason to Move

It isn’t bad enough that the neighbor from hell moved in above me back in September and continues to dynamite boulders on a nightly basis, but now the media is reporting that uber-conservative Governor Mitt Romney (soon to be ex-governor…yay) is planning to base his presidential campaign headquarters around the corner from me. Yep, he wants to occupy the […]

“Cuz We Need a Little Christmas, Right This Very Minute…”

There was an article in the Boston Globe yesterday about how parking spaces in the city of Boston are now going for $250,000. Not garages….but a single parking space. In fact, one spot located behind the Ritz-Carlton (soon to be Taj Boston), is not even a garage space…it’s outside! If it costs $250,000 for a […]


What a lovely holiday – despite the rain on the actual day itself. I arrived on Cape Cod on Wednesday. Leaving Boston at 6:45PM helped me miss all of the traffic and I was at my parents door within 90 minutes. We had pie, played Rummy and went to bed. Oh, and my parents posed […]

Yearning for Yen

I think I’m going to go to the currency exchange place in Harvard Square today to get my Yen for the trip to Japan. Foreign money, despite always feeling like play money (Monopoly anyone?) always fascinates me. Canadian money is practically U.S. money (similar denominations, sizes and coins). Euros are fun to look at and are […]

Oh No He Didn’t!

Kramer, oh Kramer…what the hell were you thinking? Is there an intelligence drop that is required of celebrities before getting famous? We’ve had Mel Gibson going off against Jews (and women), Anita Bryant going off on gays, and now we have sweet/crazy Kramer going off on people of color. Now, let me preface by saying […]

Full Weekend, Full Belly

The holiday season hasn’t officially started yet, but I’ve already been pigging out for the past month or two. In fact, since September, i’ve gained 5 pounds. Seriously! I think I’m going to put my bathroom scale on vacation for the rest of the holiday season. Ignorance is bliss. But despite (or because of) eating […]

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

I can hear Andy Williams singing it now! Actually, I am quite fond of holiday music. And our local “oldies” station apparently has gone to all holiday music all the time until Christmas. WOO HOO But I’m already getting into the music and even have ideas for my parents gifts already (which is shocking to […]

Too Good To Be True?

Ok, I’m a liar. I admit it. I promised weeks ago that I’d cease blogging about my condo search. Well, here I go again: I saw a few condos yesterday. One was in Cambridgeport – a block from the river and behind Trader Joe’s (and near Whole Foods). It was listed as a “top floor” […]

Me: A to Z

I’m snarfing this one from The Persian Guy’s blog (see link on right). I love these things…they’re revealing and (usually) easy to complete on those days when I have nothing to say. A is for Age: 35 B is for Beer of choice: I have no clue – I’m not a drinker C is for […]