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New York City or Bust

Unfortunately, this time around I’d have to say my trip to NYC was a bust. I probably shouldn’t be blogging about it yet as I’ve only been home for 1.5 hours and should use more time to clear my head, but here’s my summary: The night before heading to New York City I noticed that […]

My White Trash Christmas

…and I wouldn’t have it any other way. (any white trash event in my holiday description will be followed by WT). I had a great holiday (for the most part). I left work around noon on Friday, went home, packed up my dirty laundry (WT) and took the 4:16 train to Plymouth/Kingston where my parents picked […]

Remember Me?

Hey, poodles. Sorry for not being around. This has been on crazy week. After my hyper-social weekend (actually ending on Monday night), I started training my replacement at the office so I’ve had no time to update my blog. But now I’m settled into my new private office in another building… …and I’m lonely. How […]


My apologies. I’ve been getting rather irate instant messages and email from readers…upset that I’ve not blogged Monday or Tuesday (though, it’s still Tuesday now and I’m blogging). I’ve been horribly social the past 5 days: Thursday was therapy, Friday night I hung out with Tony for DVD’s and dinner, Saturday I watched the Speedo […]

Boston…You’ve Come A Long Way, Baby

There was a time when Boston was famous for the phrase “Banned in Boston”. As early as the 20th century, puritanical (prim and proper) Bostonians banned various stage shows for being being too risque. Hell, the GORGEOUS Boston Public Library, when built in 1895 had a courtyard statue of a nude woman removed because it was […]

Ahhhhhh – My Dreamboat

Nope – I’m not talking about dating. I’m literally talking about my dream last night. I was somehow transported onto a cruise ship. However, unlike the luxuriously spacious quarters you’d see in the Aaron Spelling celebrity guest-fest, Love Boat, I had an interior room with no window and just enough room to open the door […]

Slip Sliding Away

ARGH! Warning: the next paragrpah could be classified as TMI (too much information). It could also shatter any and all misconceptions you may have about my aura of flawlessness*. However, feel free to read on. As the winter months roll around, and as the air gets drier and drier, my feet tend to got a […]

Happy Holi-Daze

Now, despite my complete lack of religion*, I do thoroughly enjoy the holiday season. Everything about it makes me happy: the snow, the lights, the music. But I think this link may be a wee bit over the top. If I was their neighbor, I’d show them where to stick their spirit…and it wouldn’t be pretty. That […]

My Friend Is Offering Her Pussy – So Come and Get It!

You see, last spring a stray cat found its way into my friend, Lise’s life. She never planned on keeping him because she already has two cats of her own. In preparing to to make the cat adoptable, she had him neutured a week or so ago and thought she had found a taker. But […]

I’m Glad Friday was Dullsville

Phew – what a weekend (but in a good way). The work day on Friday ended with a near blizzard. Meteorologists are now saying that for two hours on Friday afternoon, we experienced extremely rare winter conditions. It was like a blizzard, with thunder and lightning, and sustained wind gusts in areas of 73 miles […]