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My apologies. I’ve been getting rather irate instant messages and email from readers…upset that I’ve not blogged Monday or Tuesday (though, it’s still Tuesday now and I’m blogging).

I’ve been horribly social the past 5 days: Thursday was therapy, Friday night I hung out with Tony for DVD’s and dinner, Saturday I watched the Speedo Run with Rick and then came back to the North End for dinner, Sunday I attended Heath’s party with Mike, then Monday I went to Jordan Hall to see the Boston Gay Men’s Chorus holiday show with Kevin.

All I could dream about today was coming home and having the place to myself.


I normally find the time to post my blog in the morning. But with my evening social activities preventing me from drafting the post and with me training my replacement all day at the office, I’ve not found the time.

On the plus side, my replacement appears quite capable…and as a former Harvard employee, she already has familiarity with how the major systems work. Still, my job is so task-specific that there’s still a lot for her to learn. Similarly, I’ve been training in the afternoons for my new job. But today was the last training session for me (I’ll be moving into my new office on Thursday).

Then Friday is a half day (Christmas Even celebrated) and I’m out of work until recess is over on January 3rd. YAY I could use the break.


  1. Comment by Brad on December 21, 2005 10:44 am

    Busy social life with an endless stream of men of different names. Busy at the office. It does sound like you need a break. 🙂

  2. Comment by David on December 22, 2005 3:28 pm

    Hey has Tony showed you his camera yet? 🙂
    Did you enjoy the concert….
    What did you think of the Poland drama?
    It was a bit embellished.
    But jeez, sounds like your social life is busier then work!!
    We have off next week too. I have to work 12/26 but that’s it.
    Have a great Holiday!!

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