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Is Having a Child Really a Disability?

I mean, you don’t choose to have a disability – it’s either inherited or a result of an accident of some sort. You DO choose to have a child, though. I should probably stop there and go back a bit (for you non-local readers). There is a local woman reciving a Ph.D. from Harvard. While […]

Always on the Move

There was a period in my life where all of my family and friends dreaded receiving postcards from me. You see, I used to move… …a lot. Since renting my first apartment at 20 years old, I’ve moved 17 times. That’s 17 times in 16 years. In just over a week we can make that […]

Let’s Get Physical

I had my annual physical this morning. Actually, it’s been 1.5 years since my last physical. This past year has been a very healthy one for me (aside from the weight gain). I’ve not called in sick to work once in the past 12+ months, and the worst I’ve had was a cold while in […]

I Think She’s On To Something….

Nearly every contract we sign has an expiration date: a lease, a mortgage, a car loan, a cell phone plan. Expiration dates seem logical. They give you the legal and convenient opportunity to get out of a contract if you’re unhappy. A life long-contract under those examples would be ludicrous. A German woman (I believe […]

And We’re Off!

It’s official.  Randy has booked our tickets for Buenos Aires. In fact, he’s coordinated my ticket with his frequent flyer miles so that I’m flying down first class for the first leg of the trip and business class for the second leg of the trip. WOO HOO! Now I’m responsible for finding a condo for […]


Yeah. So, that wasn’t going to be my heading for the day: it was supposed to be “The Dog Days of….September?”. But Dusty decided she needed to stand on the keyboard and what you see above was the result. Yep, I’m dog-sitting. My parents left at 7AM on Sunday and I’ll be stuck with her […]

I Should Have Known That I’d Need to Retract What I Said

Oh, Britney… Poor, poor Britney. You had me rallying behind you. I even blogged about you for the first time. And then you go and say something stupid. I wrote a few days ago about how the media was (rightfully) mocking Britney Spears for her poor performance the other night. Criticisms I could agree with […]

Hush, Hush, Keep it Down Now, Voices Carry

I know I’m as guilty as the next person for being partisan. Anybody who denies it is lying. So I guess it should come to no surprise that the local GOP is bitch-slapping Massachusetts’ Governor Deval Patrick for his speech commemorating 9/11. At one point in the speech, Governor Patrick said “It was a mean […]

Don’t Cry For Me, Argentina

It’s always an adventure with Randy. One minute we’re discussing a trip to Seattle and Vancouver sometime in October or November…and the next thing you know he has his heart set on Buenos Aires (Argentina) and Montevideo (Uruguay) instead. I have to admit – I’m intrigued. Buenos Aires is considered the “Paris of South America” […]

In Defense of…Britney Spears?

I’m not a fan of the former Mrs. Federline. Although “Baby, One More Time” was a catchy little diddy, her limited vocal range, her computer enhanced voice, and her nasal “needing a squirt of Flonase” voice actually grates on me. I’ve also not been a fan of her stupid moves over the last few years: […]