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In Defense of…Britney Spears?

I’m not a fan of the former Mrs. Federline. Although “Baby, One More Time” was a catchy little diddy, her limited vocal range, her computer enhanced voice, and her nasal “needing a squirt of Flonase” voice actually grates on me.

I’ve also not been a fan of her stupid moves over the last few years: marrying Jason Alexander for a few days, marrying K-Fed, driving with babies on her lap, shaving her head, saying “ya’ll” way too much.

I also agree with much that was said about her recent performance at the 2007 MTV Music Video Awards. She looked bored, she barely was capable of lip-synching to her own lyrics, and her “choreography” reminded me of a 4th grader’s dance recital (well, a porn-loving 4th grader from a broken home).

What I disagree with is everybody calling her “fat”. Nearly every critic has commented on her weight. I’ve not seen the word “paunch” used so much in my life. Granted, her abs were not made of steel…but this woman did give birth to two kids over the past three years. If we’re considering her current appearance as overweight…what is that going to be saying to teenage girls around the country who already have self-esteem issues. Hell, most females I know would kill to have the body Britney bared to the world the other night.

Her outfit was trashy, her song crappy, her performance subpar…but her size? Give me a break.

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  1. Comment by Mark on September 11, 2007 12:09 pm

    I still haven’t brought myself to watch this performance, since it was just so universally panned. Maybe I’ll muster up the energy soon.

    I think the condemnation of her being “fat” would have been easily averted if she wore clothing more appropriate to someone who gave birth to two kids in three years. I think, given the circumstances, her body is pretty darn good for someone in her position. What she needs to do what Madonna did and re-invent herself, not try to recapture her old past glory from when she was 16 and had abs of steel. After some time, it gets depressing and sad, not entertaining, even for her critics.

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