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The Biggest News Item….EVER!!!!

Matt and I were watching television last night and a special news bulletin popped on as “Breaking News”. Apparently, a moose was found roaming the streets of Wellesley and Natick (two suburbs of Boston). This is news? Even worse, I was watching NATIONAL news this morning (CBS Morning News) and even they did a little piece […]

As Elton Would Say….Philadelphia Freedom

A week from today I’m going on vacation. Actually, it technically starts this Friday since that day begins the long holiday weekend. But I don’t leave town until Tuesday. I believe it was back in April that I wrote in this blog that I’m feeling edgy and just have to get away. I wanted someplace […]

She’s Baaaaaaack!

Well, I’m back to the grind. I wasn’t feeling well on Friday (that lingering cold from two weeks ago) so I took the day off and bored myself to death getting rest at home (B-O-R-I-N-G). On Saturday, Matt and I rented a car and picked up Dusty from Canine College. Ugh. In speaking with them […]

Oh, The Irony

I was watching TV last night and my attention was drawn to a commercial for a new IMAX movie called “Bugs”. It was visually interesting and talked about how a leaf to a bug is like the weight of a car to a human. The imagery was amazing. I was drawn to the ad and […]

Tis the Season…To Wear Our Gay Apparel.. Fa La La La La

It’s June. That means that it is unofficially Gay Pride Month (it used to be more official when our previous president recognized it…but it’s still Gay Pride Month all the same). One thing I don’t understand, however, are people’s reactions to it – even within the gay community. This whole celebration started 35 years ago […]

Politics as Usual

I just lost everything. I was editing what I had just written – and it all just disappeared with an accidental click of the mouse. SHIT! Well, here goes my frustrated attempt at recreating what I had written – which will obviously lack my normal wit and charm. I apologize in advance. The Democratic National […]

I Feel Love

I think that’s my favorite Donna Summer song. It’s so ahead of it’s time – yet so simple. I mean, it’s essentially a synthersizer and one lyric repeated for 6 minutes – which by any other artist (MC Hammer’s ‘Can’t Touch This’, for example) would annoy the shit out of me. But this is one […]

What is News Nowadays?

I was watching the evening news yesterday and the station (Boston’s Channel 7, I believe) did a story about anti-terrorism efforts in Massachusetts. They talked about how the towns of Raynham, Taunton, Bridgewater and one other town (the name escapes me) have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars to be prepared if a terrorism attack […]

Still Fighting That Bastard Cold

Last week I wrote that I feared I as was coming down with a cold the day before my vacation was to begin. Fortunately, while we were on Cape Cod the symptoms never got worse…but they never got better, either. And now that I’ve been back for two days, I think the symptoms are slightly […]

If You’re Fond of Sand Dunes and Salty Air…

These past five days have provided me with a much-needed break from regular life. I won’t be providing you with a blow-by-blow description of what took place (keep your minds out of the gutter, girls), but I will give you the Reader’s Digest version: On Friday night we met up with Matt’s high school friend, Kathy, […]