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She’s Baaaaaaack!

Well, I’m back to the grind. I wasn’t feeling well on Friday (that lingering cold from two weeks ago) so I took the day off and bored myself to death getting rest at home (B-O-R-I-N-G).

On Saturday, Matt and I rented a car and picked up Dusty from Canine College. Ugh. In speaking with them before dropping her off, I explained our specific needs: to train her to use pee pads and to get her to behave around people (not nipping at feet, not biting, no barking). I reiterated those identical things when we registered Dusty.

When we arrived to pick her up, Matt was unbelievable restless. He was beside himself with excitement (he was also beside these wild turkeys or something that scared the shit out of him…they were everywhere). Anyway, we were in the management office when I felt something rub up against my leg. I looked down and there was Dusty. She’d had a haircut and was, thankfully, excited to see us (we feared she’d resent us).

Over the course of the next hour, they trained us to work with her. So, I walked Dusty on a leash using standard commands: heel, sit, down, no bite, no sniff, quiet, etc…). She wasn’t the best student, but after a while did start to behave. After more discussion with two trainers, we were informed that they had nicknamed Dusty “Queen Bitch”. Apparently she was one of the absolute worst dogs they’ve ever had. They said she was an alpha dog who will only accept things her way. She fought training every step of the way with defiance and shrill yelping. A trainer’s* dream, I’m sure.

Towards the end of our one-hour session, I asked the guy how the pee pad training went. He said, she’s doing great – she never went to the bathroom in her crate and always went outside. Perplexed, I asked if he was aware that we live in a city hi-rise and that we asked for her to be pee pad trained since going outside isn’t really an easy option. He then gave us pointers on how to pee pad train her…and said “oh, you should have let us know. You should have left some pee pads for her and we’d have worked on that.”

At that point, I was too overwhelmed to fight with the guy. I was sweaty, it was humid, and Matt was walking back and forth to avoid the wild turkeys that kept following him (they apparently can smell fear).

So, basically, all they’ve tought our dog to do is sit, heel, and get down. And even those things Dusty doesn’t like to do. We brought her out yesterday to work on training and every time I’d tell her to sit, she wouldn’t. Every time I told her to lay down, she wouldn’t. I’d end up pushing her ass down in the sitting position and, in the procss, she would roll over and wait for me to rub her belly. ugh.

She’s got us wrapped around her finger…and there’s nothing we can do about it. Still, she is better than she was before..and we have two more sessions with the trainers, as well as daily homework for me and Matt to work with her. Who knows…maybe she’ll someday retire her Queen Bitch crown.


*I have conluded that a dog trainer is the worst profession…ever! Clearing drains in the sewer system is better than listening to hundreds of dogs barking and crying for hours on end, day after day, outside, in the extreme heat, humidity, rain (or wind chill and snow, depending on the season). And I can’t imagine it pays a lot (based on the ones we saw there).


  1. Comment by Underling on June 28, 2004 6:22 pm

    I’m sorry that Puppy Prep school didn’t work out for you guys. Maybe you could try bribing her with choice cuts of meat or something like that.

    If all else fails, you could just get used to her pissing on the floor.

  2. Comment by Karl on June 28, 2004 10:42 pm

    You know, Dusty follows my commands. Karl doesn’t really try. I guess she will just pee on the floor because neither of has the stamina to fight her to train. I was so happy to see Karl I didn’t even notice what the dude was saying about having not potty trained her. If I had, I would have never allowed Karl to pay them. I am still perplexed as to why he paid them. ????? Oh well. Dusty is home and I am happy! …so is she!

  3. Comment by Doug on June 29, 2004 11:20 am

    Karl hasnt been potty trained? Whats with that? <EG>

  4. Comment by Karl on June 29, 2004 11:28 am

    Yeah, Matt. You better make that more clear!

    …cuz I’ve not peed on the floor in months.

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