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Oh, The Irony

I was watching TV last night and my attention was drawn to a commercial for a new IMAX movie called “Bugs”. It was visually interesting and talked about how a leaf to a bug is like the weight of a car to a human. The imagery was amazing.

I was drawn to the ad and it made me curious to see it at the IMAX theater. Then, towards the end of this commercial, the announcer said “this IMAX presentation has been sponsored by….TERMINIX”

That’s freaking hilarious! A movie about the life of bugs is sponsored by American’s #1 bug exterminator service.  Either somebody has a brilliant sense of humor…or somebody is completely clueless.

On a related note, I’m a wimp when it comes to bugs and spiders…but not in the way you’d think. I have no problem when I see a bug or spider. In fact, before equine encephylitis (spelling?) I used to allow mosquitos to land on me and I’d watch them suck blood.

No, I’m a wimp when it comes to bugs because I don’t want to kill them. I feel bad. I mean, it’s not like they’re doing anything intentionally to harm humans. They’re just trying to survive…just like me.

So, I tend to try and capture them and release them away from me. I’ll open a window or door and let them free.

Am I a freak?


  1. Comment by Erica on June 25, 2004 3:59 pm

    No, you’re not a freak, I do that too, except now I kill moths cos they eat our food, and ick. I keep old containers and sheets of cardboard to trap bugs so I can release them.

  2. Comment by Underling on June 26, 2004 12:39 am

    I understand. I kind of feel the same way…but when a scorpion runs over my bare foot, the fucker is dead.

    Also, I hate june bugs (do they have june bugs in Boston?). Those things just live to fly right into my face and hair…they can all die too. But the rest…I try to let them be.

    Except of course for wasps and hornets, and most spiders, and cockroaches…

  3. Comment by Robert on June 29, 2004 2:49 am

    Karl, u freak-a-zoid! J/k… I’m like you too… At times when I’m least egg-xpected and I see a giant bug, I would jump.. oy… but I don’t kill them. I love them actually. I’ve been to our LA County Bug Fair for the past 5 years… and know what? Every year, Terminix and Western Exterminator are always there as a sponsors.. go figure!

    Bugs rock!

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