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Crazy Thoughts

I think something is wrong with me. I just got back a vacation to the southwest on Sunday. Randy had a business trip in Portland, OR, next week so he decided to extend it over the weekend by going to the San Francisco Bay Area for a special wine-tasting event that happens once or twice […]

The Worst Part About Vacation…

…is catching up. And I’ve had lots to catch up on. First, at work I’ve been preparing for a meeting with our development office regarding my program’s grant. This meeting is today. At home I’ve been renaming and sorting through all of the photos we took on our vacation last week. Considering how many photos […]

Park It Right There, Big Boy

Yesterday’s blog post focused mostly on our experiences in Las Vegas. But we spent nearly as much time outside the city. One night we spent in nearby Henderson. It’s essentially a suburb of Las Vegas, but Randy’s friends invited us over for a nice home-cooked meal. Like Randy’s friend’s house in Phoenix from our previous […]

Viva Las Vegas.

Yeah, yeah – that’s possibly one of my least inspired headings ever. But a) it sums it up quite nicely; b) I’m jet-lagged; and c) you’re not the boss of me. Some of you may know that I never really had a desire to visit Las Vegas. It was never on my travel radar except […]

True Romance

Yesterday was one of those stupid holidays with no other purpose than to sell greeting cards and make people feel bad for a) being single, or b) not getting their significant other something fabulous enough. So, I suppose my lack of enthusiasm for this holiday is a good things considering how Randy and I spent […]

A Dream (er, Nightmare) Come True

I’ve always wanted waterfront property. My entire life has been spent living within a few miles of the ocean. For most of it, I was within under a 1/4 mile. In fact, for a time in Newburyport and in Salem, I even had “obstructed” water views. But I never lived directly on the water. But […]

She Works Hard For the Money

Poor Randy. I think he’s working more hours than he did with the old job. Time-wise I think he may have spent more work-related hours at his previous job (as a result of all of the flying and waiting in airports). But I think that he is actually spending more time doing actual work at […]


I’ve always been impatient. And today my patience is being tested while waiting for the cable guy to show up (not Jim Carey, but an actual cable technician).  Over the past few weeks our internet has been dropping to slow (and even non-existent) speeds. At times it’s like being on dial-up again (doesn’t dial-up seem like some […]

Dancing to the Beat of a Different Drum

As always, we had a pretty social weekend. We had plans Friday night, Saturday night, and Sunday day. Poor Randy, though. He wanted to bail on the Sunday plans so he could have a day of rest, but I insisted he join me. He did, and I believe he had a reasonably good time, but […]

Finally! Some Good News!

After dealing with all of the bad news of the last few weeks (storms killing people in the south, the war in Iraq, economy spiraling into a recession, friends being laid off), we were all finally blessed with good news yesterday: Mitt Romney is suspending his presidential campaign. It concerns me that it’s considered a […]