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Is This Thing On?

I think I’m turning into an old person…and I’m only 32. You know how when you were a kid your parents couldn’t figure out the complexities of the VCR? Or how in the movie “Mother” Debbie Reynolds’ character (the mother) is unable to figure out the video phone? Well, I’ve become that person. We now […]

I Now Have Photoculinary Competition

OH NO! A friend of mine today told me I should check out the Food and Wine section of the New York Times. To my suprise, there is another person out there photographing his food. Ironically, we’re doing it for the opposite reasons. He’s doing it to showcase the diverse options afforded to him in […]

(I’m Not Your) Steppin Stone

First, I want to apologize for the tone I took in yesterday’s post. I probably shouldn’t have posted so soon after hearing about our governor’s attempt to prevent gay marriage from taking place on May 17th. Believe or not, I can be much more eloquent than that. In fact, shortly after the Supreme Court decision […]

I’ll Never Learn My Lesson

Okay, I’m already pissed off about the gay marriage debate in Massachusetts today, but then I created a blog post and lost it…again! This is the second time in 3 days! Ugh. Well, I’m going to try and remember what I originally wrote (likely with half the wit). Ok -that was my pitiful dinner tonight. […]

The Lost Contribution

I was at a loss for words last night while updating my blog. Since most of my time since Thursday has been spent hanging out at the condo taking care of Matt, there really wasn’t much to write about (he mostly sleeps). However, I started rambling on about going out to lunch with my friend, Jason (one […]

Nurse Karl Reporting for Duty

Sorry for not posting an entry yesterday. Matt had his surgery* at Mass General and I got to play nurse all day. And, according to a drugged up Matt today, I’ve been a good nurse this time around. I guess if I keep him filled with drugs he’ll always think I’m a good caregiver.  When he […]

Food for Thought…and Consumption

Oh, and here’s tonight’s blurry dinner photograph: marinated ground turkey with asparagus and carrots.

I Love Whoopi

Being the lazy person that I am, I tend to spend most of my quality free time sitting in front of the television. That’s ironic considering I frequently complain about the crap that is being broadcast nowadays (I miss the not-so-distant good ole days of Strangers with Candy, The Andy Richter Show and Viva Variety). …but […]

That Stain on My Pants is NOT What You Think – It’s Yogurt. No, Really!

Do you ever have one of those days? Well, today is one of them. As I detailed yesterday, I have a yogurt shortly after I get to the office in the morning. This morning, I was looking dapper in my Old Navy khaki colored jean things (they’re khaki colored – but not khaki material…they’re jean […]

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome of the Brain

I’ll put it simply…I’m a man of repetition. It seems like everything that comforts me is either performed, scheduled, or done in repetition. I start off my day by making my oatmeal and brushing my teeth (simultaneously…I’m a competent multi-tasker). Then I shower, then I eat the oatmeal (after it’s cooled), a banana, and a […]