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Nurse Karl Reporting for Duty

Sorry for not posting an entry yesterday. Matt had his surgery* at Mass General and I got to play nurse all day. And, according to a drugged up Matt today, I’ve been a good nurse this time around. I guess if I keep him filled with drugs he’ll always think I’m a good caregiver. 

When he had his surgery last year, he claims that I wasn’t all that supportive. I beg to differ. I mean, he survived, didn’t he? By forcing him to clean the bath tub I was simply providing him an opportunity to exercise. By having him go to the store for his own groceries, I was simply encouraging him to get fresh air. There’s a method to my madness that he doesn’t seem to appreciate.

This time around, however, I’ve done everything a nurse would do (except wear a little nurses uniform…maybe next time).

Speaking of being helpful…it was such a spring-like day in Boston that I nearly jumped at the opportunity to go the market when Matt asked me to get him some pudding. I decided to go to one of the smaller markets in our neighborhood (the North End of Boston). It really felt like I was in Europe. The weather was in the upper 60’s, the sun was shining and the weather brought out all of the old-world ladies sitting outside on their stoops talking in Italian. As I walked down Prince Street, there were children playing in on the playground and people actually smiling as they passed on the sidewalk. As I approached Hanover Street the smell of baking bread changed to that of the garlic from the Italian restaurants. On Hanover Street, I passed the fire station and a hunky Italian fireman was sitting on the sidewalk bench breaking the tips off fresh green beans for the firehouse dinner.

It’s times like these that I’m so happy to be living in the city. Oh, and on the way back to our condo I noticed an interesting view of our condo building peaking out over the dense roof tops of the North End. The next time it’s sunny I’m going to bring my digital camera so I can post the picture here.


*for details on what the surgery was for, check out Matt’s own blog for the details. His archives from April/May of 2003 will provide the details. This surgery was follow a follow-up procedure.

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