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I’m Such a Loser

I had my annual physical on Friday, and although the bloodwork hasn’t come back yet, I’ve already received some good news. My blood pressure was quite good (110/75), despite a family history of high blood pressure (both parents and my brother have it). But even more pleasant to hear was that I’ve lost 12 pounds since […]

Blizzard? Check. Tornado? Check. Heatwave? Check. Earthquake? Check. Hurricane?

Seriously? Now our fair commonwealth is being threatened by a hurricane, too? What’s left? A volcano? I must admit that there is a bit of me that is excited at the prospect of a major storm. I’m just having trouble believing that all of these sorts of natural disasters (granted, the earthquake yesterday was not […]

New Bedford barbershop closed amid signs of animal sacrifice

Wow. I love bizarre headlines…and this one appeared online in today’s Boston Globe. I must admit, this is probably one of the last reasons I would expect for closing a barber shop in New England. Ah, it never ceases to amaze me what people will do in the name of religion. Anyway, life has been […]