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Snip, Snip

Does anybody else dread getting hair cuts? It really is an irrational fear of mine. The worst hair cut experience I ever had was when I was a child and went to the local barber. It was the early/mid 1980’s and my hair was a bit, um, big at the time. But I didn’t want […]

When Did “The Valley” Come to Boston?

So I was riding my scooter into Boston yesterday for a doctor’s appointment. As I was approaching the end of the Longfellow Bridge I was riding in the bike lane – a perfectly legal thing to do, especially since the Registry of Motor Vehicles considers a scooter a “motorized bike” and specifically states on the […]

Wine, Beach, Whine

My life is rather simple, with small changes. This weekend was no exception. On Friday night we got together with friends (and two new people) for take-out and card games. Though, we spiced things up this time by going “all the way” to Brookline. Now, as the crow flies Brookline is only a few miles […]

It’s Happening Again

Randy’s work schedule is quite peculiar. He’ll go half a year wtihout a single business trip, then suddenly he gets bombarded with work-related travel engagements. In the past, it seems this has been predictable in the months of October, November, and early December. Add in his personal┬átrip to Virginia for Thanksgiving and our vacation between […]

Time To Get Away (Again)

It feels like we just returned from Virginia last week (oh wait, we did just return from Virginia last week), but we’re already heading away for another long weekend later today. This time, there will be no planes – but it will involve automobiles and perhaps a boat. Provincetown – here we come! We’ve got […]

Two Birds, One Stone

So, because of my mixed feedback lately (some requesting more food pics, others requesting more “all about Karl” text), I shall incorporate both. First: a photo of last night’s dinner. MMMMM – dinner on the barbecue. Second, all about my weekend. Friday night was typical Friday night, with take-out (Thai), wine, and card games. Randy […]

A Taste of the Real South

So yesterday I wrote about the activities that took place in Virginia (swimming, boating)…essentially stuff that you could do in any part of the country. What I didn’t mention were the distinctly southern aspects of the trip. First…the food. Seriously, it doesn’t end. Randy’s mother takes southern hospitality to the extreme and is constantly offering […]

Damned if You, Damned if you Don’t

I can’t win. I get scolded for discontinuing my writings of food so I start blogging about food again. Then I get scolded for doing that! Today, I’m reverted my back to my old ways. Well, my “new” old ways (which is post-food, yet pre-food again…kind of like a thawing stage, I suppose). And with […]

When You’re In The South…

It’s all about the health. Saturday night dinner!

Lunch in Taipei

Well, Roanoke style. We go to this Chinese resaurant every time we visit southwest Virginia.