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Kinda’, Sorta’

I’ve not been totally honest with you, my readers. Well, i’ve not necessarily lied. But I have been withholding the truth. You see, I think I’m seeing somebody. It’s been just over a month. You may recall that my Christmas plans with family on Cape Cod were cut short as a result of a snow […]

Caution: Reading this Blog Will Likely Cause You To Know My Opinions

I did my normal snowy/cold day commute this morning by taking the redline subway from Porter Square to Harvard Square (instead of walking). Presumably because of the cold and snow, the trains were delayed. By the time the subway arrived, it was already packed. Of course people on the platform had been waiting forever so […]

“Riding on the Metro”: A Screenplay of My Morning Commute (theme song by Berlin, of course)

Normally I’ve got my Discman playing when I ride the train in the morning. This morning, however, I did not – so I was able to observe two separate conversations that will make up the two acts to my screenplay: One called “Cuteness”, the other called “Annoyance.” Act One: Cuteness Scene: I’m standing on the […]

(Homo)Sex and the City

No, I’m not going to write about my debauched sexual escapades (if only I had some to write about)….I’m writing about my recent experiences with courting in Boston. After our break up, Matt and I started using the internet to meet people. I was using it more as a means to make friends (props to […]

The Winter of My Discontent

Actually, I’m playing the gay card with that title and being melodramatic. Life is actually quite good right now. I’ve finished the past semester (and believe I did well in both courses), I’ve transitioned into singledom rather well, I enjoyed a great trip to Washington, DC recently, it’s a bright and sunny day today, and […]

It’s High School All Over Again

SNOW DAY! Harvard Law School is not officially open today. Only essential employees were required to go in and staff was asked to contact their managers to see if they’re needed. Fortunately, one of my bosses is in San Diego on business (sunny and warm). The other told me not to bother since it’s so […]

Oh, the Weather Outside is Frightful

My Goodness, just 16 hours ago there wasn’t a snow flake to be found in Boston. Now the city is whiter than the crowd at a Celine Dion concert. My street hasn’t been touched yet by plows (or shovels). In my stupidity this morning, I went out to investigate the storm and had to walk […]

You Are the Sunshine of My Life

It seems that over the past few weeks, we’ve had either rain, snow, freezing rain, or cloud cover every single day. But despite the freezing temperatures yesterday, something happened that put the biggest smile on my face. I left work at my normal time to discover that it was still light out! The cloud cover of […]

Baby…Save Haven

I always thought the WalMart and Friendly’s Restaurant television ads were bad…until the new ones for the Save Haven program starting showing up. Save Haven is that program where a mother can drop her unwanted baby off at any hospital, fire station or police station. I’m not sure if these are national or local ads (based on […]

Transitional Urbanity

Now that I’m back home and settled into my improper Bostonian life again, I can write more about what I did in (and what I thought of) Washington, DC. Upon my arrival on Friday night (later than expected, thank you American Airlines), Chris and I took the subway to his neighborhood and had dinner at a […]