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I Hate Flying Again

I’ll start with the negative then work my way back to the good stuff. My flight back to Boston was scheduled for 6:59 p.m., but when I printed my boarding pass, it said it was now a 7:15 P.m. departure. I thought I could deal with that so I went through security (shoes and belt off, pocket […]

Baby, You’re a Star

Such fun! Yesterday, Chris and I went to Georgetown where we walked and talked and shopped (I picked up a few things at H&M, Zara and Mexx). We also met up with Adrian (with whom I’d been chatting with on-line since summer). After eating lunch on M Street, we drove through the mall and around […]

Hang On, Folks – You’re in For a Bumpy Ride

I did it! Yesterday was my first flight in 8 years and, to be quite honest, I don’t know what I was worried about. Though, I’m sure the 4 Ativan I took in advance of the trip helped immensely. Especially considering the following: 1 – the flight was delayed an hour 2 – the flight […]

More Man, More Mans, Mormons

I saw another gaggle of Mormons in the subway station this morning. I don’t know what it is, but they fascinate me. Any institution that can talk a teenager into wearing a suit every day must have some pretty powerful skills of influence (dare I say manipulation?). I mean, I’ve not worn a suit in over 4 […]

Letting off Steam

I think I’m becoming animated. I swear. You know how in old-school cartoons, when a guy is really angry his face turns read then steam comes out of his ears? Well, that was me last night. I wasn’t angry, but I had just finished the final exam so I felt like all of this stress […]

My New Cocaine Habit – As Perceived by my Landlord

While I was home sick yesterday afternoon, my landlord’s wife and a contractor made a surprise visit to my apartment to following up on a maintenance request I had placed for my dishwasher. At the time, I was sprawled out lazily on my sofa after having devoured a cannoli* from Maria’s Bakery (the best canolli in the […]

Home, Sweet Home

Yep. That’s where I am right now. When my alarm clock went off this morning, I just laid there and felt blah. The sniffles and minor aches were still there so I decided I should take it easy. I’m hoping that a day of rest will make whatever I’m fighting go away faster (and not […]

Snarly McSniffles

I think I’m fighting a cold. I started noticing the symptoms on Saturday afternoon. Nothing serious – just a runny nose and itchy throat. Now it’s Monday and I’m feeling the exact same symptoms – no worse, no less. I’m optimistically thinking that my stellar immune system has been fighting it off and that the […]

Failure: Part II

So, how did I spend my Sunday? (that was to be spent studying) I went to brunch with friends, then went to the office and actually did work on studying for two hours (I left my materials there by mistake which ended up being a good thing because it provided my only un-interrupted study time). […]

An Apple Offering

It’s official. I’m the worst student ever. In my old age I’m realizing that I’m just not able to focus anymore. I’m so easily distracted that I’m unable to accomplish studying. I know when Matt reads this he’ll bitch and moan that I’ll do well on the exam anyway and that I’m over-reacting, blah, blah, […]