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In a Mood

I woke up feeling rather chipper this morning. But between locking the door of the house behind me and getting to the garage to start the scooter, everything went to crap. I’m going to be using a word repeatedly in this post that should make Randy very happy. In an effort not to offend, I […]

Revealing Something About Myself

I’m responsibility-phobic. I really think I am. I’ve always has suspicions. And my ex, Matt, used to tell me all the time that I could be making so much more money if I’d just assert myself and take on jobs with responsibilities. He thought I had it in me to take charge and manage something. […]

Rest and Culture

For the most part I took it easy this weekend. During that day on both Saturday and Sunday I just rested, took antibiotics, and watched TV. However, Saturday night I did get together with some friends to see the most recent play by Ryan Landry and the Gold Dust Orphans at the Ramrod Centre for […]

Pills n’ Thrills n’ Bellyaches

That was such a great album. Bob’s Yer Uncle is one of the most sexy songs. Unfortunately, sex is the last thing on my mind at the moment. That little cold that kicked in two weeks agos today has morphed into a sinus infection. It’s bad enought that I couldnt’ sleep Wednesday night. Randy took […]

Hold It!

As always, I’ve got another trip on my mind. For the past few months I’ve been mentioning to Randy that I’d love to go to Europe again this spring/summer. As always, I’d use Paris as a home base and like to pop over to another nearby country for a few days. Of course, the economy […]

Getting There

The evil spring cold is finally exiting my system. I’m still exhausted 24/7, but the “bricks-behind-my-eyes” sensation has finally gone. And my throat is only sore in the morning. We ended up with a fairly relaxing weekend overall. Since Randy had dental work done on Thursday, he was in pain Friday (and his reaction to […]

It’s a Gas, Gas, Gas

I filled the gas tank of my scooter for the first time this morning. Supposedly, it’s supposed to get about 85 miles per gallon. The gauge was showing the line at the lower end of the red “empty” zone so I figured I’d better be safe and fill ‘er up. The nozzle clicked that it […]

I’m Back! Remember Me?

Oy vey – that was quite a cold. Well, it still is. But now it feels like what I recall normal colds to feel like. I never take sick days for a simple cold (I’ve had quite a few colds since the last time I took sick days in 2006 and never dreamed of skipping […]

Out for the Count

This cold has kicked in hardcore. I’m actually home sick…the first sick day I’ve taken in over 19 months (a record for me). I can’t seem to lick this cold (which started with minor scratchy throat while still in Mexico last Friday). I think it’s also giving me some strange dreams. Well, either that or […]

…As a Dog

I’m home! We should have arrived back in Boston on Thursday. But as a result of the American Airlines fiasco we ended up not arriving until Sunday. In between, we just continued enjoying our trip. And what a trip it was. Prior to the news that we were stranded, life was so relaxed. It sounds […]