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…As a Dog

I’m home! We should have arrived back in Boston on Thursday. But as a result of the American Airlines fiasco we ended up not arriving until Sunday. In between, we just continued enjoying our trip.

And what a trip it was. Prior to the news that we were stranded, life was so relaxed. It sounds rather lazy, but we really did absolutely nothing of substance. There were no nature excursions, there were no cultural attractions visited. We woke up, we went to the pool. We had lunch, we went to the beach. We went back to the pool, we floated down the lazy river in inner tubes. We went in the pool. Then we’d do “something” for dinner; whether that was cook something in the kitchen, going into the Zona Romantica of Puerto Vallarta or taking a cab up to Bucerias.

Life was stress free…until Wednesday when we discovered we had no way of getting home. I suppose we took it in stride (there are worse places to be stranded). Plus, our friend who owns the time-share was already staying longer than us so we would still have a place to stay. After an hour or so of phone calls, Randy got us on a Delta flight to Los Angeles on Friday night (the earliest available flight….giving us nearly two more days to lounge by the pool), and a connecting red-eye flight on American back to Boston.

The unfortunate thing was that my original seat home was an exit row aisle seat (the most leg room available in couch). Our new flight had me in the back of the plane in a middle seat on a flight twice as long (since we were returning via Los Angeles instead of Dallas). Since I had friends in the Los Angeles area who offered to let us stay with them, Randy had our return flight changed to the following night so see if I could get better seats. Somehow, he managed to get me upgraded to first class with him! WOO HOO!

This definitely made up for the previous inconveniences. So, on Saturday, we drove around southern California where it was obscenely hot (in the low/mid 90’s). We played some games with my friends Jeff and Paul, then caught the red-eye to Boston – arriving yesterday at 6:30AM.

Oh, and I returned with a fierce cold. The symptoms technically started Friday (by the pool). But by last night I had a 100+ fever and couldn’t sleep. Yay me.


  1. Comment by Fred on April 14, 2008 4:45 pm

    Heya Karl –
    Welcome back – hope you’re feeling a good deal better by now – but, isn’t a 100+ deg. fever something other’n a cold?! Get thee to a doctor, laddie!! Hope it’s all better or rapidly getting there in any case!

    Best to you both!

  2. Comment by Karyn on April 14, 2008 11:28 pm

    But you’re home safely and that’s what matters!

  3. Comment by Will on April 15, 2008 8:30 am

    You obviously need a vacation to recover from the vacation. Take care–I’m glad you made it back eventually.

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