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Under Pressure

Sorry, sorry, sorry! Sheesh – I know I’ve not blogged much lately. Of course, none of my excuses are fully legitimate, but here goes anyway: 1 – There really hasn’t been that much going on. Since my last post, things went well with everybody staying at our place on Tuesday. I watched the season finale […]

On the Move

This is a big transition week. Well, not for me, personally. But it seems like it is for many people around us. Our friend, Chris, was planning to move in with us at the end of this week since he sold his condo and has’t’ found a replacement home yet. The plan was to move […]

Would You By Mine? Could You Be Mine? Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

Last night we got to know some of our neighbors a little bit better. I guess we can thank Randy joining to condo association for it, since it was with one of the board members. She and her husband came over for wine, cheese, snacks, and the requisite Wisteria Lane gossip (of course). There wasn’t […]

One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Treasure

Our friend, Chris, is selling his condo and will be crashing at our place until he moves into a new place. We’ll also be storing his stuff in our garage. When we moved in, the garage was the one area we didn’t really address. We just took the junk we weren’t going to use immediately […]

Being a Thousandaire

Randy returned from Minnesota last night (yay) so life is back to normal. But it sounds like he’s got quite a bit of travel coming up: possibly Portland next week, New York the week after, Asia in early May. I guess the economy is improving. Speaking of improving economies, two units have sold in our […]


Randy and I had a great time in Minneapolis last weekend. Well, he very well may still be having a great time. You see, I flew home yesterday and he’s lingering a few extra days for business. But it was a nice trip. We flew out very early Saturday morning (and I got stuck in […]

This, But That

I had another one of my peculiar dreams last night. You know how you’ll dream about something and it will feel so real, but when you wake up and think about the dream, it really makes no sense at all? Well, that’s what happened to me last night. In my dream, Randy and I were […]

No Time Like the Present

OK, so my walk back in time never really took place last weekend. The idiot real estate guy didn’t call me back until AFTER it was too late. Even more annoying, when we spoke on the phone on Thursday he said he’d take me to the house and we agreed some time between 2pm and 5pm would […]

Going Back in Time

Randy and I will be heading to the Cape this weekend to celebrate Easter with my family. Well, I shouldn’t call it “celebrating.”  I never quite understood Easter, and neither my parents nor I have been to church in over two decades. So, I guess the holiday is more or less an excuse to visit my […]

So Much Going On I’ve Not Had the Time to Post

How did nearly a week go by without posting? Oy vey. Randy returned from his trip on Thursday and we went out to dinner that night to celebrate. On Friday, we got together with some friends to drink wine, eat take-out, and play cards…I came in last. On Saturday we caught up on grocery shopping […]