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Randy and I had a great time in Minneapolis last weekend. Well, he very well may still be having a great time. You see, I flew home yesterday and he’s lingering a few extra days for business.

But it was a nice trip. We flew out very early Saturday morning (and I got stuck in right in front of a baby who found our particular flight to be the perfect time to test the maximum volume of its vocal chords. I’m just thankful it was a relatively short flight…and I had headphones.

We arrive in Minneapolis and the weather was as perfect as one could imagine for this time of the year. We met up with Randy’s friends, Sonja, Bart, and their daughter, Cate) then headed out to take in the sights. We started with lunch at a homey burger joint in St. Paul where I had my first slucy (I think that’s what it’s called). It’s essentially a hamburger with cheese (or something else) cooked in the middle. As sides, we got fried pickles, friend green beans, and tater tots.

Later on, they hired a baby sitter and we headed into Minneapolis for drinks at some trendy tiki bar called Psycho Suzie’s, I think. Then we went to the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden (I wish Boston would have done something like on the useless Greenway).  Finally, we were off to dinner where I ordered a pretty darn good warm beet salad (I needed some veggies after the burgers and tater tots).

That night, we drank wine and talked.

On Sunday, we walked down the street to Como Park, in St. Paul. It’s a combination neighborhood park, conservatory, and zoo. The weather was even warmer than the day before (too warm for what we’d packed) but it was fun feeling like a kid again as you watched the gorillas sparring.

In the afternoon we split off from his friends, checked into a hotel, then went walked around downtown near the mill ruins. It was approaching sunset so Randy went crazy taking photos of the the bridges over the Mississippi River bridges, the old signs, and the mill ruins. And I finally got to see the Guthrie Center (which was under construction the last time I was there). It’s an enormous space for a theater, with 9 floors of, well, what appeared to be nothing but little refreshment stands. But the lighting was cool and there were some great river and city views throughout. And even though there wasn’t a show going on, the building was still open nearly 17 hours per day so you could walk through.

Finally, we had dinner at a nearby Thai restaurant before heading back to the hotel and capping the night off with some time in the hot tub. AHHHHHHH! (we also managed to book the hotel for our next trip to Montreal for Memorial Day weekend).

All in all, a great weekend. But all good things must come to an end and Randy drove me to the airport Monday morning and I flew back to Boston (fortunately, not a single baby on the plane).

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