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Being a Thousandaire

Randy returned from Minnesota last night (yay) so life is back to normal. But it sounds like he’s got quite a bit of travel coming up: possibly Portland next week, New York the week after, Asia in early May. I guess the economy is improving.

Speaking of improving economies, two units have sold in our townhouse complex over the past month. Since they haven’t closed yet I’m not sure what their final selling prices were, but the first one was listed at $4,000 more than we paid six months ago. However, the new owners are taking over payment of a $19,000 assessment so the more realistic price is $23,000 more than we paid. That unit sold at its first open house (within 4 days of being listed). In fact, I saw the buyers there this morning (possibly for the inspection or another walk-through).

The other unit, which is next door to ours, went on the market last Thursday. The open house was Sunday and those owners also received an offer within 4 days. This unit was listed for $25,000 more than we paid.

I’m sure the expirationof the home-buyer tax credit is a large factor in these units selling so quickly and that things will slow down a bit once it’s over. But I can keep hoping that prices will at least continue their upswing. At this rate, maybe Randy will get into that single family he wants (with the hot tub) sooner than he thought?

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