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Maybe I Missed the Recovery

I’ll be the first to admit that I know nothing about the economy and what makes things tick. And I know that, politically, I tend to be a bit biased. But yesterday’s stock market activity sprouted countless articles and news reports that this could be an indicator of a potential recession. Potential recession? Like I […]

Mexico, Part V: The Return

The last few days in Mexico were rather subdued…at least for me. After the doctor told me to avoid the sun for the rest of the trip, my options were limited (and I was too prickly and itchy to want to do much anyway). On Friday I took the doctor’s advice and did nothing but […]

Mexico, Part IV

Leave it to me to get an allergic reaction to my sunblock….but I did. What I thought was heat rash on Tuesday has now engulfed both of my arms and is beginning to appear on my chest and legs (eerily reminiscent of the rash I had last spring before going to Paris…except this one isn’t […]

Mexico, Part III

Not much to say. Day five of my vacation and the weather is the same as it’s been for the previous four days (low 80’s, sunny) and the activities are the same, too (pool, beach, eat).  The big difference today, though, is that I’ve developed a heat rash. It’s not a sun burn since I’ve […]

Mexico, Part II

I could get used to this! On Sunday afternoon Randy and I ended up getting our own condo (since you stay on a weekly basis from Sunday to Sunday, we stayed with Ben and Sandy the first night…Sunday). We lucked out in getting an ocean view room, though from what I could see the golf […]

Mexico, Part I

  You can’t feel guilty for not doing much when there isn’t much you can do! It is now the fourth day of my vacation in Mexico and the most active thing I’ve done is boogie board (and I even did that quite poorly and with very little effort…and success).But I should probably back-track to […]


The local Wampanoag indian tribe got federal recognition yesterday. It’s apparently been a 30+ year battle to get recognized but it’s finally happened. What amazes me is that this tribe, out of probably all North American indian tribes, has the most significant place in U.S. history. I mean, these are the very indians that shared […]

Playing Devil’s Advocate: Is This Being Overly PC or is it Still Offensive?

OK – here’s the story. I was reading a newspaper the other day and it reported that a Hartford, Connecticut bar had scheduled Shirley Q. Liquor to perform this month. For those of you who don’t know, Shirley Q. Liquor is a drag queen. Not only that, it’s a southern white man impersonating a poor southern black woman (the […]

Something to Look Forward To

This snow storm has been a bust. I woke up to maybe an inch or two of snow on the ground in the North End. By the time I got to Harvard I had ice pellets bouncing off my head. The really depressing part is that, despite the snow and ice, this has been the warmest […]

Just Jack!

When Matt and I moved to Salem back in 2001 we became friends with some neighbors, Peter and Duncan (for the record, Salem is probably the gayest place I’ve ever lived…the city is crawling with homos). Peter and Duncan introduced us to their friend, Jack, and we all hung out on occasion. But a year […]