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Merry Christmas, Everybody!

There’s a commercial I’ve been seeing on television lately for an Elmo toy. You may have seen it: Elmo is singing the Village People’s YMCA…but spelling E.L.M.O instead of Y.M.C.A. Anyway, if you’ve seen the ad you may recall that it starts off as if at a concert and the audience is chanting EL-MO, EL-MO, […]

Another Purpose for Boobies

The remnants of Hurricane Jeanne have been whipping (more like dripping) through Boston since yesterday. The rain has been pretty heavy at times – as it was yesterday when I was heading to class. As I walked through Harvard Yard, I noticed a female who had apparently just exited a building. She was using one […]

Regress and Progress

I found out this morning that my niece (who I wrote about yesterday) has been transferred by ambulance to the New England Medical Center’s Floating Hospital for Children in Boston (this is about two hours from their usual hosptial in western Massachusetts). In addition to her strandard complications, she’s developed a urinary tract infection. They don’t […]

A Sobering Experience

I’m back. My weekend started off exactly as I had predicted. On Friday, I took the train to Plymouth where my parents met me. We drove over the Cape Cod Canal and directly to Seafood Sam’s for dinner, then back to my parents home to play cards. Then we went to bed. I did try […]

Sharks, Spleens…and Cake!

I’m heading to Cape Cod after work today to celebrate my Mom’s birthday, my parent’s anniversary, my niece’s birthday and my sister-in-law’s birthday. Phew – in recent years I’ve discovered that September is nearly as expensive and busy as December in terms of parties and get-togethers. Apparently, lots of people have sex around New Years […]

Hello…and Goodbye

So, I started my other class last night. This class looks to be much more interesting and practical (and the professor’s kinda’ cute to look at for two hours, too). However, as he went over the syllabus he said that the ratio between class time and homework should be 1:3…meaning for every hour of class […]

I’ll Have Some Whine, Please.

Matt brought up a good point in the comment he posted to my blog yesterday. When I got home from class last night, I did what I inevitably so every semester: complain. I’ve taken 7 classes at Harvard and have complained about every single one. Actually, the complaints have become more vocal since I started […]

I Is Smaht

Or, at least I hope I soon will be. My classes start today (one today, another tomorrow) and will run until January. When I registered for classes last month, I never fully thought about how it will affect my newly established social life. But one class guarantees 10 hours of homework each week (and it’s […]

A Little Bit of This and a Lot of That

The weekend is over and it’s Monday. All in all, it was a rather nice weekend – even with Saturday morning’s rain. Even though it’s technically not autumn yet, the weather is sufficiently cool and breezy to put a smile on my face the minute I walk outside. On Sunday, I took Dusty for her […]

So Close, Yet So Far

When I was opening the mail Friday night I noticed an envelope from the State Treasurer. At first I was concerned that they were going to say I owed more money in taxes. But then window in the envelope appeared to show a check. Was I get an additional refund? So, I eagerly ripped open […]