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Something’s Up

I rarely remember my dreams but it seems that they’ve been so vivid lately. Last night was even stranger than last week’s Montreal art museum dream. Randy and I were relocating to a new city. It had old housing stock like Provincetown (with water views and such) but it was a neighborhood in a larger city […]

Showing My Greek Pride

Chris and I stumbled upon what appeared to be the Greek Pride yesterday. He needed to go into the city to pick up his new glasses. I agreed to meet him in the city for lunch since the weather was so nice. So, I hopped on my scooter and rode into the city (I think […]

Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)

Although I tend not to remember my dreams, I’ve had a few over the past couple of weeks that stand out. Last night’s dream had me and Randy traveling to Montreal for a long weekend. While there, we ran into my old boss (from over a decade ago) who was starting up a new match-making […]

A Deal is Now a Steal

Last month Randy and I decided to take a long weekend and go visit my old college room mate, Jeff, in California. Prompting us to make this trip were two things. First, a promotion on American Airlines giving you TRIPLE the frequent flyer miles you’d normally get. So, essentially, one trip will earn me the […]

Settling for Settlers

Since Friday night is our regular game night, we had some friends over for wings, then played some games (Apples to Apples and Skip-Bo). Miraculously, and to the scorn of Randy, I managed to win both games (the first time I’d ever won either game). The next day, Randy and I went to the gym (my […]

On Being Remiss

A year ago, you’d rarely find me not blogging on a weekday (I always took weekends off). A few years ago you’d NEVER find me missing a day. But I’m starting to neglect my little space on the world-wide interweb. It’s not laziness because I’ve still got the alotted time each day to post something. I […]

The Great Cape Escape

Easter is one of those holidays I just don’t get. Granted, I’m not religious…at all…but I still get excited for Christmas, even excitedly playing Christmas music beginning in late October. And I love Memorial Day since it signals the beginning of summer. But Easter doesn’t make sense to me. All other holidays are either on […]

Our Third Date

I’m guessing that you’ve all read on my blog that I’ve been dating somebody. Well, last night was our third date and I think we both had a great time. Our first date was about two and a half years ago. We went to see Shortbus at the Kendall Square Cinema. Our second date happened […]

I Am The Walrus

All I had was a single glass of wine last night after dinner. Seriously! And it wasn’t even close to bed time. Yet I still had the most peculiar dream. For some inexplicable reason, I was living with my brother. Instead of the house being in western Massachusetts, it was my Aunt and Uncle’s place […]

Rome…If You Want To, Roam Around the World!

Well, our next big trip is already planned. Since Randy’s company is closing their office for a week in April and a week in May, we decided to take advantage fo the forced time off and do something. I did a bit of research over the weekend and then Randy booked our tickets last night. […]