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Boston: It Kinda’ Grows On You

A while back, the U.S. Census Bureau claimed that Boston had lost over 30,000 residents between 2000 and 2005. Boston’s mayor disputed this data (rightly so since it affects how much federal/state money the city receives) and now the Census Bureau has come back with corrected results and reported that not only did we not lose […]

A Cheezy Weekend…but in a Good Way

On Friday night, Randy had a cheese tasting party. A cheesemonger came and taught a group of 24 people about 12 different types of cheeses. My favorites, as expected, were the brie (a triple cream with 75% fat) and a pecorino toscano. YUM. It was also an opportunity for me to meet nearly all of Randy’s […]

Sam Champion is the Liberace of Meteorology

I don’t have much to go on aside from the ads I’ve seen on the sides of the buses that pass me on Mass Ave in Cambridge, but that man looks so gay my ass hurts. He could be the butchest thing on earth when on the air, but his photo alongside the Good Morning […]

You Can’t Forget the Gelato

I got together with my friend, Jen, last night for dinner. Three years ago when I first moved to the North End (wow – has it been that long?), I vowed to keep trying new restaurants until I’ve exhausted them all and found a favorite. Being the unimaginative man-of-routine that I am, I’ve probably eaten […]

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

For the first time in my condo search, I saw a property that I might consider worthwhile. True, there were some cosmetic issues that would need addressing. But it seems that in my price range, new construction isn’t really an option. The place is 900 square feet and has 2 bedrooms, a living room, a dining […]

We Go Way Back

While on the Cape this weekend I pulled out some of my parents’ old photo albums. My mom wanted to learn how to scan photos (weddings, etc…) into her computer so Randy was kind enough to show her. While they were busy doing that, I started flipping through albums with pictures of my Mom as […]

How the Other Half Lives

I went down to the Cape this weekend and had a great time. My father flew out to Chicago to visit a dying uncle (by marriage, who I’ve met only a handful of times and couldn’t recognize him if I saw him) so I agreed to come home for the weekend and keep my mother company. […]

There’s Always a Bright Side

Despite my frustrations with the condo search, I may have found a silver lining: As a result of applying for mortgage pre-approval, I was given the results of their credit check and, for the first time, I finally received a copy of my credit score.* On a scale of 300 (horrible) to 850 (perfect), I came […]

From Bad to Worse

Why, oh why, do I allow myself to be let down? Yesterday morning I was practically giddy with anticipation over a condo I was scheduled to see at noon. It was in the heart of Davis Square, close to the subway, shops, and restaurants. It was recently remodeled, it was the top floor. Who could ask […]

Sick of Me Yet?

It seems like real estate talk has permeated nearly every single posting on this blog for the past few weeks. A few times the whole post was real estate related, other times it was just a sentence or two. I’m beginning to sound like a broken record. That said, I shall continue (can’t teach an […]