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Maid Service – I’m Getting Used to This!

When Matt’s brother moved up to Boston (from Texas) back in January his rent for staying with us was to clean the apartment. This entailed cleaning the dishes daily, cleaning the bathrooms and floors weekly, and doing laundry (as needed). It was quite a nice luxury. Although, it was more of a luxury for Matt […]

Clarification on How Team Sports Are Leading to the Collapse of Society

I need very few words. I think this picture says it all (Courtesy of the Boston Globe).  

Wednesday is Prince Spaghetti Day!

Does anybody remember those ads from the 1970’s where the little Italian boy hears his mom yelling that dinner is ready and so he runs through the streets of an old-world city to go home and have his spaghetti? Well, those commercials were films (and Prince Spaghetti used to be made) in the North End of […]

The Real Reason for the Downfall of Society

Okay – I decided to post my rant anyway. Don’t hate me.   I

Lost Forever?

It’s like some pages from my diary have been ripped out! I’m not sure what happened, but I wasn’t able to access my blog yesterday – and then today my most recent entries are missing. It was quite frustrating for me because I drafted this big pseudo-intellectual rant about the downfall of society (as I see […]

History 101…or, Geekdom, Part II (You Decide)

Well, our friends Bill and Dan came to Boston today (from Salem). We played tourist and did some of the Charlestown attractions. Below is a photo log our our adventures. Our first goal was to climb the Bunker Hill Monument, but since it’s nearly 300 feet tall and has no elevator, it was closed due […]

Good Music, Bad Music, and Saving Lives

I’m the 4th party recipient of what I may just have to consider the absolute worse CD of all time. I got it from Matt, who got it from his boss, who got it from a friend, who copies it from somewhere. It was a home-made CD so the marker scribbled across the top of the CD […]

Sweetness and Light: A Retraction

No less than 24 hours after my recent blog posting  (in which I praised his now-suspect wonderfulness) does Matt proceed to work into a conversation that he’s recently noticed that I’m fat. In his defense, he didn’t just start singing “fatty, fatty, two-by-four….”. Nor did he look at me exiting the shower and go “EEWWWWWWWW!” […]

Sweetness and Light

Looking back it appears that my previous post today was not exactly filled with sunshine, flowers* and happiness. But this picture sure is! Matt sent this to me at work today. When I opened it, it made me gasp in horror. Now, I must add that the version you are seeing has been reduced. The […]

In the Mood (Actually, in A Mood)

I used to love “In the Mood”. It’s such a fun song. My favorite part of the Glenn Miller Orchestra recording my Dad had was when it got softer and softer towards the end – and then WHAM, BAM, Thank you, Ma’am – the horns would blast and it ended in a fabulous big band way. […]