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Taking the Easy Way Out

Today, I’m going to answer a questionnaire that was sent to my by email. I was supposed to respond in the email, instead I’m posting here. You know me…I like to break the rules once and a while. What is your occupation right now? Administrative Director of a research program at Harvard Law School. What […]

Goo Goo Ga Ga

I don’t really have that many friends with children. I suppose being gay has something to do with that (though, gays adopted kids has become the “in” thing to do).  HMMM – looking back, it seems that most of my friends who have kids kind of fell of the face of the earth after their […]

In Case Congress is Interested in My Two Cents

I’m not an economist. I’m not a politician. I’m not even remotely knowledgable about the topics of economics or politics. I suspect that my forthcoming rant will be chock-full of ignorance, but it’s my opinion and until we lose our rights to be opinionated (along with our retirement savings) I’ve still got my right to piss and moan. […]


Fortunately Randy and I aren’t celebrities or on a reality show because scenes from last night could have become a YouTube classic. Entertainment Tonight or TMZ would have had a field day watching us play tennis and would have shown the clip repeatedly. A few weeks ago Randy thought it would be a smart idea […]

Stupid Is As Stupid Does

Fortunately for me, airport security isn’t as strict as I thought it was. I forgot to mention this yesterday, but as Randy and I were getting ready to go through the security check at the airport last weekend, I pulled out my wallet to grab my license only to realize that I didn’t have it. […]

Old McKarl Had a Farm – EEH EYE EEH EYE OHH

Randy and I returned from Nashville last night. All in all, it was actually quite a nice trip. I had fears, as I mentioned before, about being in the south, gay, on a farm, and with three children 24/7. But it wasn’t bad! We arrived late on Friday night and just chatted a bit before […]

Yee Haw!

I’m heading south…again. Randy and I fly down to Nashville after work this afternoon. Unfortunately, there are no direct flights to Nashville from Boston so we’re connecting at LaGuardia ( we connect in DC on the return flight). Consequently, that makes this short trip take nearly six hours to get there (just under 4 on […]

Go West

Of course, the Village people were referring to San Francisco in that song. But it looks like Randy, Chris, Pete, and I will be heading west ourselves this winter…to Key West, that is. Come to think of it, the Village People had a lesser hit out of a song called “Key West”…but nobody has probably […]

Self-Inflicted Insomnia

Aside from our 3 night getaway to Nashville this coming weekend (to visit with Randy’s brother, wife, and kids), I had no plans to travel for the rest of the year. None. Zip. Zilch. Then this past weekend Randy, Chris, Pete and I thought of perhaps getting away for the week between Christmas and New […]


I hate shopping. I really do. I don’t necessarily mind grocery shopping, which is good since it needs to be done with such frequency. But I’ve never been into shopping for the sake of shopping. Even if I have a goal in mind (“I need a dress shirt,”, or “I need to get mom a birthday […]