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Goo Goo Ga Ga

I don’t really have that many friends with children. I suppose being gay has something to do with that (though, gays adopted kids has become the “in” thing to do).  HMMM – looking back, it seems that most of my friends who have kids kind of fell of the face of the earth after their children were born. While DINK’s (dual income, no kids) they all lived in/around Boston. When the wife got pregnant, they moved to great outer suburbia. Once the child was born, we all just kind of lost contact. Yeah, there’s the occasional email promising to get together soon. But overall, dyanmics change.

Anyway, this past weekend we threw a baby shower for two of our friends, Mark and Kana. She’s due on Halloween so this was a good a time as any to host the shower (technically our friend, Zach, graciously hosted it at his place). It was a fun time…and despite Mark and Kana not having any family in the immediate area, their son is going to be surrounded by the family they’ve created in Boston.

Plus, this kid is going to have more uncles than any other kid I know (as evidenced by the baby shower being attended/hosted by 6 gay men – far outnumbering the 1 straight man and 4 women in attendance).

The rest of the weekend was low-key thanks to the non-stop torrential rain. We went to the Griffin Photography Museum in Winchester on Saturday before the party. On Sunday, we went to the gym and then did nothing the rest of the day.

I love days like that.

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