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Politics as Usual

Will things ever change? We have Iran ignoring the fact that its citizens believe there was vote tampering in the most recent election. Well, they’re not ignoring it as much as denying it and incorporating violence into citizen protests. Then there’s North Korea threatening to wipe the US off the face of the earth (charming). But even […]

Jumping on the Band Wagon

I’m not normally a follower, but after three weeks, it’s finally my turn to kvetch: WTF is up with this weather? The constant drizzle and clouds are driving me insane. Seriously, I think I’m sun deprived. I feel bleah all the time and after being back from Europe for three and a half weeks, I don’t […]

Romance is Alive and Well in Somerville

At least it seemed that way Friday night. Nothing spectacular happened, but we ended up having a nice little quiet night at home, which is a rare thing for us on a weekend. Despite my doctor’s instructions to reduce carbs and improve cholesterol, Randy made me a delicious beef wrapped in bacon on the grill. […]

Out of Touch

You never really notice how much you love/rely/need something until that certain thing is unavailable. I’ve been dealing with such a scenario for a few days, and for another reason, will be living it for the near future, too. First, Randy and I were have problems with our wireless router at home (or so we […]

Where Is this Diversity Every Other Day?

This past weekend was Boston Pride.  Every year I attend I (and everybody else I know) pisses and moans that the entire parade consists of church groups and politicians. Gone are the flamboyant, in-your-face floats sponsored by bars and clubs. Some still exist, but they’re all the same (a handful of men and/or drag queens […]

I Thought This Silliness Had Ended

It’s being reported on the news that a parking space in the Back Bay just sold for $300,000. THREE HUNDRED THOUSAND! I remember a few years ago when a garage spot sold for just over $200,000 and it made headlines. At least that spot was in a garage. This is an outside parking space, accessed by […]

OOOPS…(We) Did It Again

Randy and I had our fourth (or is it fifth) date this past weekend. It’s pretty sad how we jumped right into things and never really courted in the traditional sense. I’ve blogged about this before, but instead of wooing each other with fancy meals, movies and theater, we just ate in and watched movies […]

Back on Track

We’ve now been home for 5 days and, surprisingly, the jetlag hasn’t been so bad this time. In the past, It could take upwards of two weeks for me to get back into the routine of things. But I’ve been able to fall asleep at about the normal time every night. I am waking up […]

…And Don’t Forget About Paris!

So after our time in Italy was over, we hopped on a plane to Paris. I want to (proudly) mention that I didn’t have to take any pills to relax myself for this flight! I think that’s the first time in ages. Anyway, we arrived in Paris and were lucky enough to catch a waiting RER […]

When in Rome…

The trip to Europe was great. I had very little internet access (unlike in previous trips) so I really only updated my status on Facebook instead of my blog (where I’m supposed to be more creative). Though, with jetlag, there’s no guarantee creativity will be in evidence today. Without dragging this post on forever, I […]