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I Simply Can’t Be Trusted

I’m a huge planner. Aside from sitting on my ass watching TV while surfing the net, my other big hobby is planning travel. Not a week goes by that I’m not trying to find the best options to go someplace. Ideally, someplace new. We’ve already got a few trips planned in the near future – […]

Inspired by Joan Rivers

Ok, Joan Rivers inspired me. I’m in a ranting sort of mood today so I’m going to get all non-PC on your ass. You’ve been warned. 1 – WTF were they thinking with the extension of the tax cuts? That’s not a compromise, that’s stupidity. Yeah, yeah, yeah – times are tough and people are […]

Nothing Says Christmas Like People Running Through the Streets in Speedos

Continuing what has become a pattern, I had another busy weekend. On Friday night a bunch of us got together and saw Joan Rivers at the Wilbur Theatre. I hadn’t been there in years (7?) when I saw Dame Edna perform there. At the time, the theatre was a standard live theatre with audience seating. […]

Can We Talk?

What an exciting week! I got hit by a bus on my way to work yesterday. Well, I was inside the bus at the time. You see, I’d boarded the bus and was walking toward the back.¬†As I was about to sit down the driver gunned the accelerator. I suppose I lurched further toward the […]

I Missed You So Much I’m Sick Over It

Wow – it’s almost a full week since I’ve blogged. 2010 sure hasn’t been a banner year for my blogging consistency, has it? Perhaps I need some internet¬†Metamucil to get me more regular. I had a great night reuniting with Randy after his Virginia trip last Monday. We met up in Davis Square and spontaneously […]