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Not Connected, or Low Connectivity

That’s how I felt this morning as my work computer kept screaming at me (well, in bold font, at least) that my desktop was not connecting with the Harvard network. It took about 40 minutes but they finally determined that the data port (in the wall) died. So they plugged me into another one (for […]

Food and Cheer

After work last night Randy and I went to my friend, Jen’s, place for dinner. She and her boyfriend of nearly 18 months (who I just met last night) moved in to this place together a few months ago. It’s a lovely place – eerily similar to Randy’s and mine. Both houses are yellow, both […]

Two Years and Counting

Randy and I are now officially in the third year of our relationship. To celebrate, we went out to dinner last night at 33 Restaurant and Lounge in Boston. He had been there once before, but this was my first time. The space was quite cool. Located on a one-block long side street (what my […]

Free Bird

I tried calling my mom at the hospital yesterday but there was no answer. I suspected she was participating in the stress test at that time. But I was wrong – she was actually home already! Apparently, her heart doctor and primary care doctor disagreed on when she should have the stress test (should it […]

Doing Well

My mom appears to be doing remarkably well in the hospital.  I went down Friday night half-expecting to see a sickly woman…but she was already chatting with my aunt and uncle who were visiting. Yeah, she would occasionally get winded while talking a lot, but overall she was laughing, smiling, and 100% coherent. I visited […]

Appreciating the Scooter

Yep, you heard it right…today I realize how thankful I am for the scooter. I had to take public transit in to work this morning since I’m going straight to the train station after work to visit my mother at the hospital on the Cape. Taking public transit to work involves walking 10 minutes or so, waiting for […]

Good Times/Bad Times

There was a time in the not so distant past where I was certain that bad things always followed good things. For example, I started to do a bit of travel, then my 10-year relationship ended. I began a new relationship, and then a close friend died of cancer. I did some more travel, and […]

Related to the Post Below…

I’ve added the photos from our trip to my online photo albums. You’ll see Toronto photos in “Karl’s International Travels” and you’ll find our recent Provincetown and Acadia National Park photos in “Karl’s Domestic Travel’s.” Enjoy!

Around the World in Four Days

It had been well over a decade since I last visited Toronto. That time, I arrived in the city with my friend, Melody, in the middle of a whirlwind road trip that had us stopping off in the Adirondacks, Montreal, the Thousand Islands, Toronto, Niagara Falls, and Howes Caverns. Consequently, we only had 24 hours […]