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I hate shopping. I really do. I don’t necessarily mind grocery shopping, which is good since it needs to be done with such frequency. But I’ve never been into shopping for the sake of shopping. Even if I have a goal in┬ámind (“I need a dress shirt,”, or “I need to get mom a birthday gift”) I still fail miserably and proceed to make everybody else around me cranky in the process.

But this weekend I needed to buy shoes for a wedding I’m attending in two weeks, plus I needed some new sneakers. I have this nasty habit of wearing holes into the bottom of them within 3 months. Then I wear the sneakers for another year, but only when it’s dry because my socks get wet otherwise. This ghetto habit of mine also embarrasses Randy a bit, I think.

We thought about going on Saturday. Seriously – we gave it some great thought. We packed up the car to head to the gym, I brought along my DSW coupon, and we were getting ready to go to DSW after working out when I just didn’t feel like it. Blah.

We decided to rest until later that evening when we went up to rural New Hampshire to our friend, Maggie and Dick’s place. They have this amazing (and enormous) white clapboard farm house. Maggie prepared for us an incredible dinner (risotto, broccoli rabe, osso bucco) and her husband prepared a yummy apple pie-like dessert. The company and food were great.

On Sunday, we slept until the wonderful hour of 11AM and then finally made it out to DSW…where I stocked up on shoes, buying 4 pair (one dress, 3 casual). With the wear and tear I put on them, this should hold me over until at least November.

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