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Fortunately Randy and I aren’t celebrities or on a reality show because scenes from last night could have become a YouTube classic. Entertainment Tonight or TMZ would have had a field day watching us play tennis and would have shown the clip repeatedly.

A few weeks ago Randy thought it would be a smart idea to buy tennis raquets and a tube of tennis balls. We tried playing last week but couldn’t find an available tennis court anywhere in the area. Last night we drove a bit and found a tennis court in either Arlington or Medford (it was along the Mystic River).

There were 5 or 6 courts and the only available ones were in the middle. We never really played a “game,” we just hit the ball back and forth.

Correction: we TRIED to hit the ball back and forth.

Randy missed the first few (ok, dozen) balls that I hit toward him. When he started hitting the ball, the almost always ended up in the court next to ours (I can’t count how many times I had to apologize to the people next to me ).

I didn’t fare much better (though I do think I was slightly more skilled at at least getting the ball over the net). But I did miss my share of balls. I eventually became exhausted from running into other courts to retrieve balls that I progressively got worse as Randy got better.

I discovered that my back hand is just as bad as it was when I played tennis regularly as a kid in my neighbor’s tennis court (but at least that one was in their back yard and not in plain view of the public).

After a short while, our neighbors in the court to one side left so we moved over to their court (since it was the end court and there was at least one side with a fence). It didn’t help much. Randy managed to hit two balls over the fence, and I hit one.

I think he wants to do it again.

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