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This, But That

I had another one of my peculiar dreams last night. You know how you’ll dream about something and it will feel so real, but when you wake up and think about the dream, it really makes no sense at all? Well, that’s what happened to me last night.

In my dream, Randy and I were living in what appeared to be Paris (architecturally), but had the topography of San Francisco (mountains, ocean). People were speaking French, but despite living there I only spoke English (and I had my American iPhone service plan and was unable to make free calls).

Randy was still a workaholic in my dream (at least that part is based on reality), but his boss was Helen, the boss of my ex, Matt. Randy ended up being called away on business on the same day we were going to be selling home-baked goods from the first floor of our home, but ourfirst floor was actually retail space. My friend, Mark (who actually lives in Paris) was also there to help out.

Still, we ended up just giving the food away because there were simply too many people coming in and nobody to do the transactions. We did leave a bowl out and people were paying us in olives (WTF?).

Then my friend, Karyn (from high school) showed up with her two sons. They flew to Paris in a last-minute weekend getaway and surprised me. Since I wasn’t selling the food, I figured I’d just leave and let people rummage about and take what they want.

So Karyn, her 2 kids, Mark, and I started exploring Paris. Karyn had never been before so I was pointing things out. In my dream, Paris had a Faneuil Hall/Quincy Market type area that was popular with the tourists so I was pointing that out. However, despite being in Paris, the district looked a lot like Faneuil Hall, just with Parisian architecture, but the backdrop was a harborfront with mountains in the distance…like San Francisco.


Anyway, Randy called me at some point while we were walking around the harbor and said that his business trip  had changed and that I could join him (I dont’ know where). Now, I was annoyed at first because my cell phone plan in Paris charged $3/minute, but I was happy to be able to get away. So I ditched my friends and met up with Randy at the airport. But despite being summery and gorgeous in downtown Paris, the airport 10-15  miles away was being socked with a blizzard.

And then I woke up. Now, despite the dream making no sense on the surface, I think I can understand why certain elements were there:

1 – my friend, Karyn, emailed me earlier this week to ask about hotels near Faneuil Hall since she was thinking of doing an overnight trip to Boston next week (she lives on Cape Cod).

2 – Randy works a lot.

3 – I saw Paris on the TV show, Chuck, the other night and it took place in the area along the Siene near my friend, Mark’s place. It brought back memories.

4 – I just received a new United Mileage Plus credit card  yesterday (with a bonus of 30,000 frequent flyer miles for signing up), making me think of travel.

This still doesn’t explain why my ex’s boss was Randy’s boss, or why Paris was geographically similar to San Francisco Though, my ex lives in San Francisco (even though wasn’t in the dream).

I think I need a vacation.


  1. Comment by Melody on April 7, 2010 10:35 am

    You either need a vacation or you need to becareful of what you eat right before bedtime. 🙂

  2. Comment by karyn on April 7, 2010 10:42 am

    I think you need to lay off the snacks before bed!

  3. Comment by Lise Berg on April 7, 2010 11:20 am

    The most interesting thing by far in this dream is Randy’s boss being Matt’s boss. I can’t really tell what that’s about, but I find it a bit worrisome….you don’t want anything connected there, lol. And of course there’s your latent frustration/anger at Randy’s being gone so much….I love how you’re so focused on your phone plan/$ even in your dreams, ha!

  4. Comment by Mark on April 7, 2010 1:00 pm

    It’s obviously a cry from your subconscious to come back to Paris ASAP to prove that none of it was real. You won’t be able to rest easy until you do…

  5. Comment by Lise Berg on April 7, 2010 4:36 pm

    Sorry, Mark, that would require figuring out what to pack, which clearly will be too much for Karl now. 😉

    Ooh, such a beyotch I am today.

  6. Comment by Randy on April 9, 2010 11:05 am

    I want some of those drugs hes taking.
    Clearly my working so hard is getting to his head.

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