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Going Back in Time

Randy and I will be heading to the Cape this weekend to celebrate Easter with my family. Well, I shouldn’t call it “celebrating.”  I never quite understood Easter, and neither my parents nor I have been to church in over two decades. So, I guess the holiday is more or less an excuse to visit my parents. And the weather is supposed to be superb (I’m sure we’ll use the tennis court on Sunday).

And as luck would have it, my best friend from childhood is going to try to get me into my childhood home while we’re there! My parents sold the place nearly a decade ago after realizing that it was becoming too difficult for two elderly people to maintain (my father fell off a later while cleaning the gutter…I think that was the last straw).

Anyway, the new owners did a lot of upgrades (granite counter tops, adding a second bathroom on the second floor) so I’m very curious to step back in time and see what’s become of the place. Plus, it’ll be kind of cool to show Randy where various events took place; where I fell down the stairs, where my father was born, where I sliced my hand open on the lid of a can, where I used to hide under the front porch). I’m not so sure Randy finds it all that cool, but I’m getting excited.

And speaking of going places, Randy has a business trip to Minnesota in a week so I’m tagging along for the weekend. And I’m finally goint to meet two of his friends in St. Paul that I’ve heard about for over three years. I’ve been to Minneapolis before and was surprisingly impressed with how pretty the city is. It’ll be fun to see what’s changed since 2005.

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  1. Comment by Jeffrey on April 2, 2010 4:58 pm

    Enjoy your trip down Memory Lane, and don’t forget the bridge to Memory Lane is under repairs, so expect delays.

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