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It’s a Gas, Gas, Gas

I filled the gas tank of my scooter for the first time this morning. Supposedly, it’s supposed to get about 85 miles per gallon. The gauge was showing the line at the lower end of the red “empty” zone so I figured I’d better be safe and fill ‘er up.

The nozzle clicked that it was done within seconds of putting the nozzle into the gas tank. I looked at the gas pump and it read just over half a gallon (technically .63). That seemed odd considering it’s supposed to be a one-gallon tank so I topped it off to the tune of .72 gallons.

That’s still 1/4 of a gallon less than a full tank so all I can assume is that even if I run on empty, I’ve still got another 1/4 tank to go.

In the end, my total sale was a whopping $2.46. That’s highway robbery!


  1. Comment by Randy on April 18, 2008 11:14 am

    So what exactly was your gas mileage or kilometerage?

  2. Comment by jeff on April 18, 2008 3:58 pm

    I filled mine up yesterday for about the same amount. You should get around 100 mpg from what I understand. Mine is a two stroke, so I get less gas mileage, around 80, but could smoke you in a race. If your mileage is low, it may improve as your engine breaks in. Happy Scooting….

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