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The Winter of My Discontent

Actually, I’m playing the gay card with that title and being melodramatic. Life is actually quite good right now. I’ve finished the past semester (and believe I did well in both courses), I’ve transitioned into singledom rather well, I enjoyed a great trip to Washington, DC recently, it’s a bright and sunny day today, and I’m making new friends left and right (I’m more social than ever).

I suppose the biggest downfall in my life right now is that my watch battery died and I’m currently borrowing a watch from Matt until I get it replaced – and I find his watch very uncomfortable.

If that’s the biggest complaint I have – then life is good.


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  1. Comment by matt on January 26, 2005 4:02 am

    why is my watch uncomfortable????? Karl, are you trying to wear the watch around your neck again????

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