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Eternal Sunshine…and Shopping

I had a pretty good weekend. On Friday night Matt and I went out for dinner then watched “Burnt Money”on DVD. Yesterday we went to see “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” which, for a Jim Carrey movie, was pretty damn good. Who knew he could under-act? After the movie, we went to Macy’s and […]

No Fake News is Good News

I’m not intending for this blog to become a political thing…but damn – there’s some weird crap going on lately. First, I posted about the Democratic National Convention a few days ago. The following day Massachusetts’ Republican Governor proposed exactly what I proposed…for the same reasons. Of course that must mean he reads my blog religiously. […]

A Feeling of Insignificance

I was reading the Boston Globe (on-line) today and the front page had an article about a town in Maine that will no longer exist beginning this summer. Natural disaster you say? No. Planned reservoir flooding? No. Toxic waste site? No. This town has 25 people. TWENTY-FIVE! They’ve discovered that they can’t meet the required […]

Karl’s Tasty Sausage

“Walking in a winter wonderland…” I think I may have been the only person excited about last night’s snowfall. Aside from the HUGE snow storm that dropped 36 inches of snow in Salem back in December, this winter has been pretty uneventful. I’ve been going through withdrawal all season so this morning I was thrilled […]

You Know You’re a True Bostonian When…

I’m not quite sure when it happened, but I think I am officially a snob. We recently moved back to Boston so my commute is now a reverse commute – meaning  I go next door to North Station and take the commuter rail one stop outbound (while all other commuters are heading inbound). So for […]

A Political Brain Fart

As you probably already know, the Democratic National Convention is taking place in Boston this July. Boston beat out other cities for this honor with the lure of a predominantly democtratic state and the success burial of the central artery (Big Dig). When I first heard that Boston was wooing the committee, I was excited. […]

A random thought while showering…

mouse (singular) = mice (plural) louse (singular) = lice (plural) house (singular) = houses (plural) Why not hice?


Someday, I’ll get this right. Here’s tonight’s dinner.

Full-sized entr

I think I need to take some classes on digital photography and web-design. The image of my tuna salad (from yesterday’s posting) is frankly quite freightening at it’s current scale. Unfortunately, I’ve not yet discovered the way to reduce it.   It’s made me realize that I never look at my food from such close proximity…and […]

What’s in a Name?

My blog is less than 24 hours old and I’ve already changed it’s name. After setting up my blog, I created the links you see on the right. One of them is for my friend, Jen, who has a blog called “What’s Brewing?”. I felt that “What’s for Dinner?” was too similar. So, I spent the […]