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Sniff, Sniff, Ahem and Pride

I never get sick. Granted, I’ll get a bit of a belly ache from eating too much (who knew a family-size bag of mini Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups could make you feel ill?), but I rarely get viruses or infections. I’ve not thrown up in nearly a decade and I’ve gone years before without even […]

My Worst Post Yet

I probably shouldn’t have even bothered posting today. But there’s a part of me that gets sad when my favorite blogs haven’t been updated in a day or two. I worry about you guys! Anyway, today is graduation at Harvard so there are thousands of people milling about outside and inside the building (there are […]

I Couldn’t Have Said it Better Myself…and Tampax

I was reading an article this morning about the ACLU’s new ad campaign. They’ve been getting celebrities to pose for pictures and write their own text about issues affecting our civil liberties. One such celebrity was everybody’s favorite nanny, Fran Drescher (also known as my favorite Spinal Tap character…Bobbi Fleckman). Anyway, since the celebrities all […]

It’s Already Starting…and There Are Still 48 Days To Go!

This morning I left the condo to find scores of protesters on the street near our building. They were the Boston policemen’s union protesting their unresolved contract negotiations. They chose to protest at the Democratic National Convention site since the location gets more media attention and prevents the union laborers from preparing the site for the […]

Hey, Mang…Ju Having a Rough Day?

Most people know that carrying protection is a prerequisite for living in a big city. Without it, you can never guarantee your safety on a dimly lit street or in the gritty subway system. Ever since I moved to Boston at 18 years old, I’ve carried something. That was until yesterday… I was visiting a […]

There Once Was A Man From Malden…

Matt and I decided to get haircuts this morning, but on the way there Matt said he didn’t feel like going to the “hairdresser” (apparently he forgot it wasn’t 1952 anymore…and that we weren’t housewives). Anyway, when I got there I noticed a man in his mid-to-late 40’s in the chair by the window. His hair […]

My License is Being Revoked

I think the Federal of American Gays (also known as F.A.G) is about to revoke or suspend my gay license.   I find it so odd that I

I Smell Some Dirty Britches

This should be an interesting summer in Provincetown. According to the Boston Globe, the town’s only laundromat has closed down. And the nearest one is 4 towns and 27 miles away. Since P-town only has 3,000 year round residents, the entire town is walkable and there is no need for a car (so many residents don’t […]

My Dog Hates Condoleeza Rice

It’s the strangest thing. There are two things that noticeably upset my Dusty. The first thing is saxophone music. Whenever a saxophone is played on TV or on CD (as Matt explores his recent jazz craze) Dusty gets all fidgety. She’ll be resting peacefully or playing loudly – oblivious to the world – but the second […]

A Name That Haunts You

While unsuccessfully multi-tasking this morning (eating my oatmeal, disciplining Dusty and watching the news) I heard something like “…pretty woman is expecting…”. I’m guessing they were saying the Julia Roberst is knocked up. Which is great. Good for her and her camera-man hubby. But why is is that celebrities are given permanent nicknames for a previous role or […]