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Hush, Hush, Keep it Down Now, Voices Carry

I know I’m as guilty as the next person for being partisan. Anybody who denies it is lying.

So I guess it should come to no surprise that the local GOP is bitch-slapping Massachusetts’ Governor Deval Patrick for his speech commemorating 9/11. At one point in the speech, Governor Patrick said “It was a mean and nasty and bitter attack on the United States. But it was also the failure of human beings to understand each other and to learn to love each other.”

Maybe I’m being loyal to my party (D), but that seems true to me. The terrorists who conducted the attacks never tried to understand our cultures and beliefs. It’s a result of this ignorance that the attacks to place. I’m not saying we could have sat down for tea with the terrorists and finished the meeting off with a group hug, thus preventing an attack. But if there was more understanding, more acceptance (of difference cultures, faiths, religions, beliefs), and more love, then there wouldn’t be so much anger.

But the GOP is now twisting Patrick’s words saying it was “inappropriate.” What the terrorists did on 9/11 is inappropriate – and despicable, unacceptable, rephrehensible, offensive, disgusting, unwarranted, devastating, and flat-out murder. What Patrick said was true: Those terrorists did not understand us. They didn’t bother trying to understand us. And if the human race, in general, could just be more tolerant, accepting, and understanding, then events like 9/11 wouldn’t happen. Is that realistic? Not as long as organized religion plays such a significant role in the world. But would that make for a better world? You bet.


  1. Comment by Lise on September 13, 2007 10:03 am

    Right on!

  2. Comment by Dave in Chicago (2) on September 13, 2007 12:45 pm

    While what he said may be true at a base level, it also is rather simplistic drivel. 9/11 did not happen due to the extremist Muslim factions not “understanding us or our beliefs”. It had nothing to do, like The Shrub said, of their jealousy of our way of life, or jealousy of our freedoms, blah blah blah. It was perpetrated out of hate, out of REVENGE against who they perceive as their oppressor. For being an unwelcome presence on their soils (Saudi Arabia, airbases, etc.), and supporting Israel vs. the Palestinians, and being one of the many foreign powers (UK, French) who’ve dicked around with their govts & power struggles. (All over oil, of course). We’re the Great Satan, and they want to strike back.

  3. Comment by Lise on September 13, 2007 1:26 pm

    Oh, I agree with Dave about that btw. I just meant Karl’s last paragraph was “right on”.

  4. Comment by snarl on September 13, 2007 1:28 pm

    Can’t we all just get along?

  5. Comment by Ed on September 13, 2007 1:50 pm

    I found what our Governor said to be a bit disturbing. At least to me he seems like a person not in touch with reality. I agee with what Dave said though.

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