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And We’re Off!

It’s official.  Randy has booked our tickets for Buenos Aires. In fact, he’s coordinated my ticket with his frequent flyer miles so that I’m flying down first class for the first leg of the trip and business class for the second leg of the trip. WOO HOO!

Now I’m responsible for finding a condo for us to rent. I can’t believe how cheap things are down there. We can get a luxury condo for under $400/week in the best neighborhoods of the city (the Back Bay or Beacon Hill of Buenos Aires).  Subway rides are only 27 cents and cabs, I hear, aren’t much  more. We can live the high life…for less!

I suppose this only makes sense since Randy is the king of bargains (and he initiated this trip).

Oh, and I’m still dogsitting for my parents. She was a lot better yesterday than she was the day before. Maybe she’s getting used to city life?

Then again, last night she was licking her paws constantly. I tried inspecting and she snapped at me. It appears that all of this city walking (on concrete) is making her paws sensitive. And she has been doing a LOT of walking (I have to park in Somerville and walk to Harvard from there). Still, she’s being really good.  She hasn’t gone to the bathroom in the house once. She’s eating her food. And she’s staying in bed all night long. AWWW.

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  1. Comment by Michael Mayo on September 19, 2007 8:43 pm

    Buenos Aires! You lucky dog! My friend Matt was there last year, and was intrigued every minute…. Me, I’m watching America’s Top Model–thanks to you, my friend. How did I fall in love with this crazy show?

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