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Payback’s a Bitch

I’m not one to gloat (yeah, who am I kidding), but I would like to report how things turned out last night while playing Rummy with Jason and Bryan. But first, a bit of background. Historically, I was never really a competitive person. Hell, I left the architecture/design field because I hated receiving criticism. I […]

Caution: Blasting Zone

What a remarkable week this has been. Well, not really. But when it comes to blasts from the past, this past week has been highly unusual. First were Golden and Ruthie (as mentioned yesterday). Then today I came in to work to find an email from Amy B. – somebody I had dated in the […]

I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas….

…though, perhaps with some warmer temperatures. Even if that means it’s too warm for actual snow. I’d settle for the Ally Sheedy version of snow: shaking your head so the dandruff falls as snowflakes. But I’m really writing about White Christmas because that’s what I saw last night at the Wang Theatre. My friends, Ben […]

Reunited…and It Feels So Good

It’s felt like 1983 and 1993 for me this week. Even the music on my iPod has been representative of that: Suddenly Last Summer, by the Motels (80’s), New Year by the Breeders (90’s), Flower Song by Downy Mildew (80’s again), and God’s Cop by the Happy Monday’s (90’s again). But more than that, it’s […]

Celebration of Love?

I was reading the most recent issue of Bay Windows (one of Boston/New England’s gay newspapers) and did something I normally don’t do: I actually read the marriage/engagements section. The photo showed a handsome couple of 18+ years dressed in tuxedos. The first two paragraphs of the article explained how one of the spouses was […]

Has The Whole World Lost Its Head?

I got off the train at Porter Square this morning and “Has the Whole World Lost Its Head?” by the Go-Go’s started playing on my iPod. It seemed rather fitting as I approached the following: I looked up to see the ubiquitious A&F billboard displaying a topless man exposing a lovely nipple that, at that […]

It’s the Least Wonderful Time of the Year

I’m just kidding. I really do love this time of year. But my heading today is mocking yesterday’s heading for Jason’s blog: Ex Post Facto. You see, Jason came over last night for our fairly regular Rummy matches. And he quickly and efficiently ended my one game winning streak* with little effort. The distractions of […]