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It’s a Small World Afterall

One of the issues that Matt and I were dealing with over the past few years was our polar opposite social lives. When we first met, I was the introverted shy guy who wanted to stay home all the time and watch videos on TV. Matt was the social guy who forced me to start […]

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow

It’s snowing!

One Orgasmic Ending, one Orgasmic Opening

A few weeks ago I saw John Waters’ latest flick, A Dirty Shame. This movie ended with Johnny Knoxville achieving an orgasm to beat all orgasms (he levitates!), The movie screen is then covered and dripping with a white gooey substance and the movie ends. Last week I won free tickets to the advanced screening […]

Tums…Tum Tum Tum…TUMS

I’ve not taken any Tums yet…but I wouldn’t rule it out. We met with our neighbors last night and they are very interesting in buying our unit. We’re now hashing out the deal. It’s not a given that we’ll end up agreeing on a price/scenario – but the interest is there on both parties. I’m […]

Stop the Ride – I Need to Get Off!

WOW! I’m completely overwhelmed this morning (hence my late blog entry). When our neighbor found out that we were selling the condo, she and her husband expressed interest in buying it. They thought they might want to break down the wall and create a 2,400+ square foot, 3 (full) bathroom condo. The wife said she […]

Zigga – Zig – Ahhhhhh

I’ll tell you what I want, what I really really want, I wanna…I wanna…I wanna…I wanna…um, I don’t know. …and that’s the problem. This weekend was when I drove Dusty down to the Cape to live with my parents (whether permanent or temporary is still unknown). I’ve written here before about the frustrating episodes we’ve […]

Beck Can Go Screw Himself

“I’m a loser, baby, so why don’t you kill me.” NOPE! I’m a winner! WOO HOO. I just won tickets so see an advance screening of “Seed of Chucky” from EdgeBoston (some gay site I’m signed up for). This is the same website where I won tickets to see “Say You Love Satan” – a […]

A Sigh of Relief

The past two weeks have been chaotic. Two weeks ago today, Matt and I ended a nearly decade-long relationship. My niece has been in and out of the hospital and went through some serious surgery. I had a computer class project from hell that I submitted Tuesday. Election night kept me on the edge of […]

I Could Go for This

My friend, Salina, sent this to me this afternoon. The funny thing is that I was chatting with a few people earlier about how I would love something like this!


Wow. How did this happen? I’m so filled with mixed emotions right now that I don’t know what to say…or how to say it. Similar to the various stages of grieving, my first feelings were anger. I was angry at the whole south and middle of the country for making the electoral map so red. Then […]