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Yeah, It’s Done. But What’s Next?

It seems like every time we work on the condo, something else gets gets shortly thereafter. First we moved in (major accomplishment). The next weekend we painted. Upon completion, I thought “Phew, we’re done!”.

But the following weekend we ended putting up the art. Again, I thought “Yay – now this place is done!”.

A month later we decided to paint the 4th floor. Upon completion, “Yay, the place looks great! Nothing left to do.”

A few weeks later, a new dishwasher gets installed. “Now this place is complete!”

Last weekend, the washing machine literally imploded (spewing white chunks of plastic all over our clothes). But today, I’m optimistic! Not only are we having a new washer and dryer delivered and installed this morning, but we’re having an electrician come by and (finally) install the two ceilings fans we purchased; one for the living room, one for the master bedroom.

I’m sure I’ll come home tonight and admire all of our new home features and think “Everything is finally done!”

But then we’ll want to replace the carpets. Or install hardwood flooring on the stairway and in the halls. What’s that? Some touch up paint? Hmmm, we’ve already replaced the dishwasher, washing machine, and dryer, now the refrigerator is looking a bit tired and this “Cash for Appliances” program the government is offering won’t last forever.

And who picked out that light fixture?

What 1970’s whore house did those drapes come from?

Did somebody say hot tub?

ugh – my head is spinning.


  1. Comment by Jeffrey on January 21, 2010 10:22 pm

    I feel your pain. My biggest problem is people who look at my home and say “You should do…(insert expensive projects here)…..” I try to appreciate things the way they are. That’s a hard concept for many people to grasp.

  2. Comment by Randy on January 26, 2010 2:30 pm

    Well i did the touch up painting on sunday.. Karl put tape up which helped!
    Course I do look at the ceilings and think they need a coat too. little projects one at a time.
    on i see the base boards need a fresh coat of white.. but only after whatever we decide for carpet or floors. and who knows.. maybe someone will get paid for it. Or my dad can come visit for a month 🙂

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