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He’s At It Already!

Those of you who know Randy are fully aware that he’s a thrifty shopaholic. He scours the internet for deals, he purchases items only when on sale, and he returns 90% of the gifts you buy for him.

Well, it’s getting worse. Now he’s returning gifts he’s bought for you! I swear! And I think he dwells on this shit 24/7 because he’s on a business trip and called me last night. During the call he said that he’s planning on returning a few gifts he’s bought for people already. I recall him doing this last year, too (to me), and then regretting the decision while we were opening gifts.

Hell, a few days ago he even returned wrapping paper to the store (and we could use some more, ahem).

Oh well, at least he’s cute. I have to say that now especially since everybody is saying we look alike. By calling him cute, it means I’m cute, too! At least, that’s how my low self-esteem and twisted little mind works

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  1. Comment by Randy on December 14, 2007 10:47 am

    You are a freak. Get off my shopping habits. Generally they only help you! Leave me alone Cutie.

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